Friday, July 25

The bestest games in the whole world

A while back I opined on the historical sporting events that, had I the capability to travel back in time and attend, I would most like to see in person.

The post was partly inspired by an ongoing series in the pages of Sports Ilustrated and online at, where the magazine's top writers write about the "best game they ever saw" (live or on TV). (A link to all the articles is underneath the Miracle on Ice photo). I like some of the choices. I dislike many of them. I intend to make fun of the latter category.

Now to the writing staff's credit, there were a few who actually took this task seriously and really tried to answer the question accurately, as I did with my own choices. Even if I can usually think of a better example within the same sport, these writers deserve some credit for taking an honest approach to the matter. My Top 5 from their choices (noting that none of these clowns picked any of my Top 3):

1) Alex Wulff, Duke over Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA's. The greatest college basketball game I've ever seen - this would make a Top Ten list if I extended it that far. Awesome, awesome game. I watched it in my basement and was enchanted.

2) Michael Silver, Cal-Stanford, 1982. I kinda wish this was on my list. "The Play" is simply the most giddily fun moment in sports history. Watch out, trombone player!

3) Frank Deford, 1958 NFL Championship, Colts vs Giants. Someone elswehere derided Deford's choice as too obvious, but isn't there at least soms sound logic behind picking a contest forever known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played" as the best game you ever saw? This isn't rocket science.

4) Ian Thomsen, BC over Miami in 1984. Yep, the Doug Flutie Hail Mary game. I could see the end of that game 2000 times and never get tired of it - a truly iconic moment in sports history.

5) Arash Markazi, The Boise State Fiesta Bowl Win Now we're talking! That was wild, wild entertainment, the kind of thing these guys should pick. Who doesn't like a good Statue of Liberty play and/or underdog story?

OK, not a bad group of picks. Now I gleefully deride some choices I think are silly.

- Jack McCallum, some stupid game with the Bulls where they beat the Cavs Screw you, Jack McCallum. This is infuriating.

- Richard O'Brien, some horse race in Italy He actually opens with this line: "It actually wasn't a game, it was a race, and I can't even tell you who won." Dude, you seriously still can't tell that this isn't a good choice? The best game you ever saw and you don't even know who won? You're trying too hard to be edgy, my friend.

- Tom Verducci, a Little League game he coached his son in Pure, straight vanity pick. Lame.

- Cory McCartney, the last (meaningless) game in Tiger Stadium Again, not providing the score of the greatest game you've ever seen is, as Ron Burgundy would say, "not a good start." Nor is admitting that the two teams involved were a combined 63.5 games out of first. You've seen better games, Cory, and we both know it.

- Michael Bamberger Given any number of no-hitters and perfect games to pick from, he goes for a 1-hitter pitched by Tom Seaver. Hell, Billy Traber once pitched a 1-hitter. Who, you ask? Exactly.

Kelli Anderson, 1993 Women's NCAA basketball championship Kel, I know you're the only girl here in this group, but no one's going to think any less of you if you pick an NFL game. Honest!

- Bob Broderick, 2001 NFC Championship If a 41-0 rout is the not just the best football game you've ever seen, but the best game across all sports, you may not be qualified to be a professional sportswriter.


JHH said...

I would have thought one would have picked a good game. It was if they asked them "whats a game no one else probably remembers?" and then just title the article as "best game ever"

And I want to point out Billy Traber's 1-hitter was against the Yankees.

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