Sunday, May 11

Sunday, Around the Horn

Winning four of the last five, must feel really good for the Tribe. With a big win over Roy Halladay Friday and just an offensive explosion last night maybe this team is turning the corner. I'll most likely post a series review Tuesday but now I just wanted to get some things down before I forget them.

DiaTribe has a nice mini-rant during his consistently good Lazy Sunday post on the perceived dislike of Dellucci by the Indians faithful. I for one have never really singled out Dellucci as a drag on this team. I did criticize his sub .150 spring training average and then his sore forearm injury but I praised him after his return. But that was all spring training. He has emerged as a reliable veteran presence and I hear he sports a beard too which is never a bad thing outside of the management ranks.

I have to give some time here to discuss the awesomeness of one Grady Sizemore and his outstanding five-RBI, two-HR effort last night. A leadoff HR is always a welcome sign. I've been kind of keeping track and I haven't given much time to talk about Grady so far this season, but that's probably due to his continued regular contributions to the team's offense and defense that we have become so accustomed to. I just cracked a smile thinking about Juan Gonzalez and how Grady would have started that rookie year in Buffalo if it had not been for Juan's brittle hamstrings.

Justice B. Hill, the former Tribe beat writer, makes a return to Indians land for the weekend. I can only imagine Tony Castrovince took the weekend off to celebrate Mother's Day. For whatever the reason Mr. Hill has an article about how the Tribe tried to find some offensive help in the off season at left or right field but the asking price was too high. Yeah, not dealing Lee looks like a winner at this point.

Tom Mastny, you remember him right? The workhorse of the bullpen. Yeah the guy 36 games into the season with a solid 1.2 innings pitched so far, with a 10+ ERA which I have to point out may, I said may, be a small sample size. Well, he got sent down to Buffalo today, probably to give the bullpen down there tips on how Carl Willis likes his coffee. So to replace Mastny the Tribe have called up Jason Tyner. I know what you're saying, who? Yeah this blurb will help explain, I hope.

Well the Tribe, with Carmona on the mound, will try to make a lot of mothers, and at least one blog writer, happy with a win today pushing them over .500.

UPDATE: Today's test was rained out, making tomorrow a traditional doubleheader. I've never been to a day game or a doubleheader and really need to put some effort into making that happen.

Hi Mom!
Go Tribe!

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