Tuesday, April 22

Why I don't watch NFL pre-Draft coverage, #322

I was watching the Tribe game in the exercise room when a guy came along, grabbed the remote, and flipped on ESPN (I didn't protest because I had something to read). I was treated to one of ESPN's talking heads discussing a list of the Best #7 Picks of All-Time. Wow, what a waste of time. Even Mel Kiper wouldn't be interested by that. Even if your team holds the #7 pick, that information has no value to you. Whatever.

Also: on Yahoo! sports I discovered a list of the Top 10 Worst #1 Picks; still dumb, but slightly more compelling since #1 is more unique and prestigious and less random than, say, #7. Oddly, the list was topped by some guy from Buffalo I've never heard of (which I suppose bolsters his case, though he was before my time) and even more oddly, featured Michael Vick. Really? I know he had the dog thing and all, which obviously biased whoever wrote this story, but he was a reasonably productive QB for many years if never a true superstar. His passing never caught up to his running abilities, but surely there have been 10 #1's that didn't pan out as well as Vick. FYI, yes, both Courtney Brown (8) and Tim Couch (4) made the list, though I'm once again compelled to point out that Couch had some solid games and seasons on utterly horrible teams.

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