Wednesday, April 23

Really? REALLY?

According to this report, the Cincinnati Bengals rejected a trade offer from the Washington Redskins for Chad Johnson. The Redskins offered a first round pick this year, and a third round pick next year that could become a first round pick depending on Johnson's performance.

I just don't get it. The Bengals are a team with character problems. Chad Johnson doesn't get arrested, but he's a pain in the ass who is becoming more of a pain in the ass by threatening to hold out. Johnson and Marvin Lewis simply don't get along (supposedly Johnson took a swing at Marvin Lewis in the locker room during the Bengals' 2006 playoff game against the Steelers), and that's not going to change.

Now the Bengals get a chance to unload Chad, who's no spring chicken at age 30, and pick up two early draft picks that could become a pair of first rounders, and they balk? Even if they only got the first and the third, it's a good deal. I guess it's why the Bengals are the Bengals. Suck on, 'Nati.

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