Monday, April 14

Weekend notes

I went to PNC Park on Saturday night along with about 890 other fans and saw the Pittsburgh Pirates edge the Cincinnati Reds 4-3. Despite the chilly conditions (the promotion was a free blanket), I spent the final 2.5 innings of the game shirtless, showing my commitment to baseball, or at least to drinking too much.

Glad to see the Tribe salvaged a game out of the series this weekend. They're not playing well right now - CC has turned in three straight bad starts, Byrd has been awful in both of his appearances, and even Carmona struggled in his latest outing, plus the whole club has struggled to get on base and then convert the scoring opportunities they have had. All that having been said, they still stand at 5-7, haven't been swept yet, and aren't digging themselves a colossal hole like a certain Central Division rival of theirs.

I happened across this article from noted sports authority Forbes regarding the nation's most miserable sports cities.
Cleveland're not going to believe this...eighth. Somehow, the sporting misery of metropolises like Phoenix and San Diego outstrip the Forest City's long and well-documented decades of heartbreak. This is ridiculous.

Am I the only one who simply cannot watch pre-NFL-draft features on sports networks? Who enjoys this stuff? I mean, even if the Browns had the first 150 picks in the draft this year, I wouldn't give a fuck who the 3rd-highest-rated left guard in the nation is.

Watching the Cavs game just now on FSN during the first quarter of their game against the Miami Heat, I saw a commercial to today's game against the Miami Heat. I'll get right on that, guys.

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