Monday, April 14

This is why the "mute" button was invented

So the Tribe game tonight against the Red Socks is going to be nationally televised by ESPN. In other words, the announcing team is going to talk constantly about last year's ALCS and spend roughly 80% of the broadcast loving the Socks. Remember last year's ALDS, when you could watch an entire game without once being informed that the Yankees did, in fact, have an opponent? Multiply that by six and you'll get tonight's game. I think I might fire up my Gameday Audio for the occasion and keep the old TV silent.


Wingy said...

My oh my, quit your bitching, i assume that you living in Cleveland you get STO, so dont watch the espn broadcast and watch your home town annoucne crew call a biased game thus you can get your fill of love for the tribe.

Last years ALCS is a worthy topic to discuss in the first meeting between the two teams. It was a memorable series with a memorable ending.

And yes the sox get talked about alot, they have a rather large fanbase around the US, and oh yea they have won 2 of the last 4 world series. I think you are taking a network talking about the best team in a sport as biased broadcasting when in reality they are covering what the majority of baesball fans want to hear about. Its called selling a product to the most people possible, and when it comes to baseball, no matter how much you hate it, its the Sox and yankees that have carried the game in ratings for the past 5 or 6 years

Nick said...

Beantowners have become ridiculously obnoxious over the last few years. Case in point: Wingy. And he doesn't even live in Boston.

The Red Sox are the new Yankees.

Andy said...

Wait, did someone just tell me to quit my bitching? On my own blog?

For three years, a blog have I written. My own counsel will I keep on when I complain about the team with single most annoying fan base in pro sports.