Friday, April 11

Tribe 4-5 & Better Things To Come

I have always considered myself an optimist. Well, not really, but let's pretend to be for now.

The Tribe have been less than sharp these first few weeks. If anything they have found all the major ways to lose games; poor starting pitching, poor relief pitching, less than spectacular hitting, and occasionally questionable fielding.

After a trip out west with series against the surprising (so far anyway) Oakland A's and the always-tough Angels, the Tribe return home to hopefully regain their composure and play like the team we know they all can be. So as an optimist I'm going to say the Tribe are due to bust out of this slump they've got themselves in. I know it seems like maybe this team isn't one to handle expectations well (see 2006) but you're not going to keep this team down for very long.

A lot of talk is always placed around getting a good start to the season. And while the Tribe's record isn't so bad (4-5), two of those four wins came in the first two games. Obviously, given the option of a fast start and a bad one, we would all want a fast one, and why not, but this is a game that has a long season. So before we concede the AL Central to KC or even god forbid the White Sox, let's keep that in mind.

In the good news category, the Tribe wrapped up Fausto Carmona through 2011 with options out to 2014. This can't be seen as a surprise by anyone - it's inline with the way the Tribe does business.

So let's forget most of that west coast trip happened and look forward to a fresh series against the . . . A's. Yes sometimes this scheduling thing seems stupid. Well anyway, let's look for C.C. to get back on track against Blanton tonight.

Go Tribe!

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