Friday, April 11

And what "title" might that be?

ESPN is running some lame "SportsNation" fan promotion on their website called "Titletown," where various cities I guess make their case as to which metropolis deserves that name. Presumably the winner will be a city with lots of sporting championships.

This is so trivial and forgettable that ordinarily I wouldn't comment on it, but I noticed that ESPN's banner says "Is Your Town Titletown USA?" and to the right of that, it flashes through three city names:



Um...I like Cleveland sports a lot, to the extent that I co-started a blog devoted exclusively to writing about them, but we are definitely in no way "Titletown." As well-documented as our title drought is, our appearance on that banner has to be someone at ESPN playing a prank. Titletown.

Incidentally, I think this "Titletown" silliness is really a lame idea for a...whatever it is. I would automatically hate any city whose fans were pretentious enough to call itself "Titletown." That burg would have to seriously get over themselves. Even if Cleveland had been winning pro sports titles left and right over the past two decades, I'd still cringe anytime a Clevelander referred to their hometown as such. Annoying the hell out of other teams' fans is not where it's at. I find Detroit's self-claim of the name "Hockeytown" to be insufferable enough (ever heard of Toronto and Montreal, guys?), but self-referencing yourself as "Titletown" would be something else altogether.

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