Sunday, April 6

Perfect storm

I desperately wanted to watch the Tribe game yesterday afternoon, but apparently television rules prohibit games from being televised during FOX's exclusive Saturday baseball window. What the hell is FOX's Saturday window? Does it bear any relationship to an Einstein-Rosen bridge?

Okay, no TV. So I flip on the radio expecting to hear the voices of my old friends Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan. No dice. Now we've got problems.

Erie's Tribe affiliate, AM 1260 The Score, also carries NCAA Final Four coverage. In this case, Final Four coverage apparently trumps Indians coverage. In other words, the one day this season when the Tribe game wasn't televised also coincided with one of two days that it wasn't broadcast over the radio. So the one game out of 162 when I really, really need the radio feed, I'm running dark. Such is life.

Apparently the game sucked anyway. Throw strikes, Sabathia.


Andy said...

Fox's "game of the week" is absurd. I've pointed out before that I can't think of any other industry that goes to such lengths to prevent paying customers from having access to their product as MLB does.

It's amazing that no one there can understand that people want to watch their team, not two random major-market teams.

Anonymous said...

why can't they do what they do with the nfl and show regional games for each individual market instead of just one nationwide game??? lord knows i would much rather watch the tribe instead of the tigers versus the white sox, but people in st. louis would much rather watch the cardinals and people in atlanta would much rather watch the braves, etc. so why can't they just work out some sort of agreement with all their local affiliates in those cities to broadcast their own teams games and make even more revenue??? it just doesn't make sense to me. then again, nothing bud selig does makes sense to me.

Nick said...

Hold on there Dave, you mean that you don't think that World Series home field advantage should be decided by the All-Star Game? :)