Sunday, April 6

I hate the Oakland (McAfee) Coliseum

The Coliseum is probably the worst pro stadium in the country for two sports: baseball and football. There are bullpens on the field, approximately 19.7 square miles of foul territory, a third deck that is constantly roped off for baseball (baseball capacity is 34,077 out of 60,000 possible seats), and it's ancient (42nd year of use). With Cisco Field not scheduled to open until 2011, I truly feel sorry for A's fans and all baseball fans who have to attend games in that ancient shit hole.

Also: Oakland Raiders fans are frequently given far too much credit for their loyalty.

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Ernest said...

All of this is painfully true--it's sort of a "Municipal Stadium West", but as a baseball fan who lived in Oaktown for 5 years as a broke ass student, those $2 tix for Wednesday home games (with $1 hot dogs) were pretty much awesome.

Go Tribe!