Friday, April 4

My current feelings on Cleveland sports

Nothing against the Cavs, that's just what I'm feeling right now. I was watching the Tribe's night game this Tuesday against the White Socks while the Cavs were on and simply couldn't muster any enthusiasm for the hoops game. Maybe I burned out on conference and NCAA tournaments, or maybe it's just because I really like baseball (and the Tribe is a contender), but basketball has taken a back seat.

At the bar last night, in fact, I found myself watching the Tribe game considerably more than the Cavs game. This is significant because the Indians had already lost earlier that day and I was watching a replay (of a loss, no less). It took my brain some adjustment when switching games to accept that I in fact did not know what was going to happen in the Cavs game just because I knew the Tribe's eventual outcome. Of course, had I actually known how the Wine and Gold would end up, I might have gotten to bed a bit earlier last night.

I think that the above equation might have to be modified once the Cavs begin their playoff run and the stakes are raised, but for now I'm all about the Tribe.

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