Monday, November 19

Welcome to Forest City Fanatics!

Hello everyone!

Andy and Nick would like to welcome visitors to our new blog, which will be focused on Cleveland and Ohio State sports. Some of you have probably arrived here from the Francis Blog and others from The Cleveland Fan, but no matter how you found us, we're glad to have readers and hope you enjoy the site.

For now, we'll be adding Nick's commentaries from The Cleveland Fan, making NFL picks each week, and devloping new features while we work on the site design.

Go Browns!
Go Tribe!
Go CaVs!
Go Bucks!

1 comment:

HumbleMonk said...

I like the idea - if I was an Ohio sports fan I would be more excited but for you guys this will be great - I will check in week to week to see what is going on in Ohio sports though. Mostly I don't like Ohio State and LeBron, but other than that I'll root for Ohio teams.

One quick comment - the pic at the top of the page is too pixelated.

Good luck!