Sunday, November 18

NFL Picks: Week 11

Last Week
Andy: 9-5
Nick: 12-2

RAVENS (+2.5) vs. Browns
Andy: Browns
Nick: Browns
Why do we even bother? We're both going to pick the Browns every week!

JAGUARS (-3) vs. Chargers
Andy: Jaguars
Nick: Chargers

COLTS (-14.5) vs. Chiefs
Andy: Colts
Nick: Colts

VIKINGS (-5.5) vs. Raiders
Andy: Raiders
Nick: Vikings

JETS (+9.5) vs. Steelers
Andy: Steelers
Nick: Steelers

FALCONS (+3) vs. Buccaneers
Andy: Bucs
Nick: Bucs

BENGALS (-3) vs. Cardinals
Andy: Cardinals
Nick: Cardinals

EAGLES (-10) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins
Nick: Eagles

BILLS (+16) vs. Patriots
Andy: Patriots
Nick: Patriots

COWBOYS (-11) vs. Redskins
Andy: Cowboys
Nick: Redskins

TEXANS (-1) vs. Saints
Andy: Saints
Nick: Saints

PACKERS (-9.5) vs. Panthers
Andy: Packers
Nick: Packers

LIONS (+2.5) vs. Giants
Andy: Lions
Nick: Giants

49ERS (+3) vs. Rams
Andy: 49ers
Nick: Rams

SEAHAWKS (-5.5) vs. Bears
Andy: Seahawks
Nick: Seahawks

BRONCOS (-2) vs. Titans
Andy: Titans
Nick: Titans

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