Friday, February 1

NFL Picks: Super Bowl

Fucking ravens. That's really all I have to add here. Go 49ers!

Championship Round
Figgs: 1-1
Nick: 1-1
Joe: 2-0
Andy: 1-1

Figgs' $ picks: 0-2

Playoffs to Date
Nick: 5-5
Figgs: 5-5
Joe: 5-5
Andy: 4-6

Figgs' $ picks: 3-5

Super Bowl XLVII
Sunday, 6:30 pm
49ERS (-4.5) vs Ravens
Figgs: Niners. Andy couldn't have put it better - fucking ravens. I think SanFran is definitely a better team, K-Cap will have to have a poor game for them to lose. I just really hope we get a Hov appearance during Beyonce's performance at halftime.
Joe: 49ers; Well, I was way off on both of these teams for most of this season. I came around on the Niners sooner than I did the Ravens, but eventually I was able to see they were both legit. I am hoping like crazy that the Niners pull this one off, (of course because they are playing the Ravens, but more so because it would tie them with those black and yellow assholes for the most SB wins ever.) I think I am kind of talking myself into this more because I want it to happen than because I truly believe it. Baltimore looks great, not thanks to the defense, but thanks to Joe Flacco, and one of the Top 2 WR duos in football. I think they do more well than San Fran does offensively, but Colin Kapernick is the ultimate X factor and the Ravens have not seen anything like him yet. San Fran should have a distinct advantage defensively though. Willis is like Ray Lewis was in his prime, and Aldon Smith is an absolute freak. I think the key is for San Fran to shut down Rice and make the Ravens one dimensional, and hope Flacco makes a mistake or two. They have the defense to make that happen. The Ravens match up very well with the Pats and always have, but this is a different animal. I'm gonna bank on Kapernick looking like Superman for just one more week.
AFF My logic in selecting games involving the Ravens so far, namely, "fuck the Ravens," has not served me well so far, as it has resulted in three losses on my ledger while this despicable, illegitimate franchise has again reached the Super Bowl. But I still have no hesitation in taking the 49ers in this one. No only do I think they're a better football team and that Joe Flacco secretly still isn't very good, but this weekend is trending terrifically for me. So far we've got two Penguins victories, Ohio State notching a win, the Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving posting a thrilling victory over OKC, Ohio State legend Cris Carter finally getting the call from the Hall...and most applicable to this situation, art modell once again NOT getting said call. Let's keep the good times rolling with an ignominious end to the Ray Lewis era and the steelers no longer having exclusive claim to the most Super Bowl wins.

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