Wednesday, December 14

I can see where that might confuse you

I thought in honor of Figgs' birthday I'd toss a little michigan-bashing on the fire here at FCF to keep everyone warm.

First up, we've got michigan Athletic Director and super-genius Dave Brandon, who doesn't like the Buckeyes' NCAA exemption to have Luke Fickell and his staff manage the bowl game while Urban Meyer and his crew work the recruiting circuit. In an email to the AP, Brandon says,

It allows more coaching resources to work on the two primary responsibilities of any staff—coaching and recruiting. I am struggling to understand how this relates to the "level playing field" the NCAA claims it is always working to create.

Keep struggling, Dave. It's not hard to believe that someone from michigan wouldn't be able to grasp advanced concepts. But you've done this twice in four years - shouldn't you have the hang of it now?

Still on the topic of OSU coaches but moving south of that particular border, comes news that Meyer has hired Tom Herman as OSU's QB coach and offensive coordinator.

Paging Mr. Herman...

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