Thursday, October 28

Opening night magic

What a way to start the season at the Q! The post-#23 Cleveland Cavaliers, picked by pretty much everyone to finish in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference, hosting the defending East champion Boston Celtics - the team that eliminated the Cavs in the postseason a year ago, playing without leading scorer Mo Williams...and the Cavs still won 95-87.

We're 1-0. Only 11 more W's until we reach Yahoo! Kelly Dwyer's awesome prediction.

It's a sweet win not just because it vindicates Byron Scott's club, washes away some of the memory of our departed free agent, and shows that the 2010-11 Cavs can play a bit of basketball, but it's also a great measure of revenge against the rival that's kicked us out of the playoffs two of the last three seasons. Though to be fair to Boston, I would be remiss if I didn't thank sincerely the Green Men for taking out #6 and the EgoFriends the night before. I appreciate it, guys.

There'll be bumps along the way, and the Cavaliers aren't true contenders yet, but what a fine start to the season. Hell, with Toronto and Sacramento coming up this week, there's no reason the Caballeros can't start 3-0. Miami, on the other hand, cannot.

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