Sunday, October 17

Fade Nick

When the Buckeyes were trailing the Badgers 21-0 at some point in the first half on Saturday night, I realized that I was busting Nick's balls even more than usual - all in the spirit of fun, but I wasn't missing too many opportunities. I realized that the reason for this was: that was all I had at the time. The Bucks sure weren't getting it done, so it was time for some jokes. Fast-forward to Sunday, where the steelers just beat the Browns for the 99th time out of 100, and I'm feeling a bit salty, and it's time for my young apprentice to feel my wrath once again. A hardcore anti-steeler post is in the works, but first it's time to give Nick a hard time for a couple of the more aggressive picks he made this week. As the legendary Onion editorial reminds us: "People don't like it when you call them stupid."

RAMS (+9) vs Chargers
Nick: Chargers. You guys are all stupid.

Rams won this one outright. Stupid indeed!

GIANTS (-10) vs Lions
Nick: Giants. Again, I really can't stress enough how much smarter I am than the rest of you.

G-Men won this one by 8, meaning Detroit covered once again. I wish Nick would stress this a bit more.

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