Sunday, December 28

NFL Picks: Week 17

This is it, just one week of the regular season to go. I've got to make up a game or two on Dr. Francis to have a shot of catching him in the playoffs. That's right, Andy, we will be counting playoff games. (If for no other reason than to give me a chance to catch you.) Figgs, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Last Week
Andy: 7-9
Figgs: 6-10
Nick: 9-7
Nick's Money Picks: 1-3

Year To Date
Andy: 126-106-7 (I've been slipping of late)
Figgs: 99-120-7 (I really am ashamed of myself. I don't think anyone that watches as much football as I do could possibily be this bad. Therefore, I will be picking the opposite of what I originally think for each game this week.)
Nick: 119-113-7
Nick's Money Picks: 22-24

FALCONS (-14.5) vs. Rams
Andy: Falcons, once again. What a fun club, like the '07 Browns.
Figgs: Rams.
Nick: Birds. Michael Turner's going to put up 31.5 fantasy points for the few leagues that go 17 weeks.

BILLS (-6) vs. Patriots
Andy: The Pats have been a reliable cover for me, and they won't be afraid of the cold. Buffalo is toast.
Figgs: I don't think either team is gonna score six points in this one due to the wind. Pats win, 4-2. So going with the opposite, I'll take NE.
Nick: Pats. This is a classic Belichick "rip out their throats" game.

BENGALS (-3) vs. Chiefs
Andy: Bengals have won two straight and can finish at home on a positive note. That's how I can give points.
Figgs: Cinncy.
Nick: Chiefs. How can you give points in this game?

PACKERS (-11) vs. Lions
Andy: What is the final score of a forfeit? 7-0 or something? That's the only way I'd take the Lions.
Figgs: I believe a forfeit is 2-0. Lions.
Nick: Pack. Detroit, I'd just like to say good luck, we're all counting on you.

TEXANS (-3) vs. Bears
Andy: Houston's organizational Mission Statement is: "8-8." Give me the Texans here.
Figgs: The Bears need this for the playoffs. Houston.
Nick: Texans. Take away Matt Forte and the Bears can't score 14 points.

COLTS (+3) vs. Titans
Andy: What is this, 2007, the Colts playing a meaningless Week 17 game that involves Tennessee? Tough one to pick, I'll go Colts.
Figgs: Titans.
Nick: Titans. Tennessee's running game lends itself to a meaningless scrubs game like this one.

VIKINGS (-7) vs. Giants
Andy: I'm glad we didn't guess lines this week, Nick. Is Tarvaris Jackson still playing? Giants.
Figgs: After what happened last year, Coughlin won't sit his guys. Vikes.
Nick: Giants. I feel like the Vikes win this one, but by less than a TD.

SAINTS (+2.5) vs. Panthers
Andy: Two teams I love to take...I had NO the first time I wrote this, but I've reconsidered and now I have the Panthers.
Figgs: The Panthers need to make a statement. NO.
Nick: Panthers. Carolina has to win this game if they're serious about challenging the Giants in the NFC.

STEELERS (-11.5) vs. Browns
Andy: I'm taking the Steelers, but I want Nick's line.
Figgs: Pittsburgh wins, 113-0. So I'm taking the Browns.
Nick: Steelers (-10). Define: deal with the devil. This will be the final insult. I'm convinced the Steelers stick with more starters for a longer period of time than people think. Even if they didn't, would it matter? We were just shut out by the Bengals at home. The Browns haven't scored an offensive TD in five freaking games! Do people realize that this is currently the worst team in the league? Yes, worse than the Lions. I'm comfortable betting against the orange and brown here to drive a stake through the heart of the Crennel/Savage era. C'mon Randy, sack up and clean house!

BUCS (-13) vs. Raiders
Andy: Raiders. TB has been slipping.
Figgs: I agree with you guys. Bucs.
Nick: Raiders. It isn't that the Raiders are any good, I just don't believe the Bucs can beat anyone by 13.

RAVENS (-12.5) vs. Jaguars
Andy: Ravens, but damn do I hate them.
Figgs: Jags.
Nick: Ravens. Baltimore's good at home, they have something to play for, and they tend to blow out bad teams.

JETS (-2.5) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Fish. My whole cold-weather theory has been exploded, and I think Miami is a better club.
Figgs: The Dolphins choke away a great season. Fish.
Nick: Jets. I like going against the grain when people are picking one team with such unanimity.

EAGLES (-1.5) vs. Cowboys
Andy: Philly. One of these teams plays well late in the season each year, and it's not Dallas.
Figgs: Eagles.
Nick: Cowboys. I think the Eagles may have shown their true colors last week. Just 3 points against the Redskins? This team is not that good, they had just been getting breaks the last few weeks with the opponents they were drawing.

CARDINALS (-7) vs. Shehawks
Andy: Seattle. AZ has been unimpressive and will be resting people.
Figgs: Cards.
Nick: Seattle. The Seahawks have been playing well for a bad team for over a month now, and to say the Cards have been phoning it in is an understatement.

49ERS (-3) vs. Redskins
Andy: Gold-diggers.
Figgs: Skins.
Nick: Niners. I believe in Mike Singletary. And Harvey Dent.

CHARGERS (-8.5) vs. Broncos
Andy: Too many points to give against the schizo Broncos.
Figgs: That's too many points, this game will come down to the wire. Chargers.
Nick: Broncos. Again, let's go against the grain here. The Broncos might not win outright, but this spread is too high. The Chargers would be a much better team if they just threw 40 times per game instead of running left with LT on every first and second down.


Andy said...

Figgs' Costanza-like approach netted him a 10-5-1, same as me. Well played.

Nick, on the other hand, dropped 4 games to me this week and sits 11 back heading into the playoffs. I'm all about picking the postseason, but let's drop these illusions of me dropping from my perch.

Figgs said...

That's embarrassing.