Sunday, December 21

NFL Picks: Week 16

Wow. Look at those records last week. Congrats to Figgs, posting a big W with a 5-9-2 performance. Nothing to see here, folks.

Last Week
Andy: 4-10-2
Figgs: 5-9-2
Nick: 4-10-2
Nick's Money Picks: 0-1

Year To Date
Andy: 119-97-7
Figgs: 93-110-7
Nick: 110-106-7
Nick's Money Picks: 21-21

Thursday Night

JAGUARS (+6) vs. Colts
Andy: Colts
Figgs: The Jags blow, and the Colts are good. This is easy, right? Indy.
Nick: Colts. The Colts have been solid ATS on the road, while the Jags have sucked ATS at home. The Colts are getting healthy, they need to win this game badly to lock up a playoff spot, and the Jags have nothing to play for. Book it.

Saturday Night

COWBOYS (-5.5) vs. Ravens
Andy: Dallas is on a roll. Who knew how important Romo was to this club? I'll take them here in the final game at Texas Stadium.
Figgs: Cowboys.
Nick: Cowboys. I wish this spread was a little lower, but Baltimore's not winning this game.

Sunday Games

TITANS (+2) vs. Steelers
Andy: The Steelers frighten me right now, and Tennessee isn't steamrolling people like they once were.
Figgs: Titans.
Steelers. Tennessee's two best defensive linemen are out, so they're going to have to blitz to get pressure. Kerry Collins has not played good football the last two weeks, and Pittsburgh's defense can take away Tennessee's running game.

CHIEFS (+3.5) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins. I expected a bigger line.
Figgs: Fish.
Nick: Dolphins, but I'm still not sold on Miami.

PATRIOTS (-8.5) vs. Cardinals
Andy: Arizona is tailspinning and not a good road/cold weather team. They have no chance to win here, none, so I'll lay the points with NE.
Figgs: Pats.
Nick: Patriots. The Cards are pretenders, plus they're packing it in till the playoffs. New England has to have this game.

BROWNS (-2.5) vs. Bengals
Andy: Yeah, Browns football! We're favored here? Really? Have our games been blacked out in Vegas?
Figgs: Browns.
Bengals. I don't think we can win with Ken Dorsey at quarterback.

BUCS (-3.5) vs. Chargers
Andy: TB. I just don't like this San Diago team for some reason.
Figgs: Tampa.
Nick: Chargers. I think Tampa's offense may have been exposed the last two weeks.

REDSKINS (+4.5) vs. Eagles
Andy: I'm so off of Washington right now. Philly should roll here.
Figgs: Iggles.
Nick: Eagles. My favorite game on the board. Philly has to have this game, Washington isn't very good, and the Eagles are rolling.

RAMS (+5.5) vs 49ers
Andy: I hate picking the NFC West Garbage Game of the Week every damn week. Give me SF.
Figgs: San Fran.
Nick: Niners. San Francisco's been playing good football for over a month now. They better hire Singletary.

VIKINGS (-3.5) vs. Falcons
Andy: Interesting game here featuring Atlanta, my favorite random team of the season. Hell, let's stick with the ATL.
Figgs: Vikes.
Nick: Falcons. One of the Williams boys is out on the Vikings' D-line, and I'm not even close to sold on Tarvaris Jackson.

LIONS (+7) vs. Saints
Andy: This is the end of the line for Detroit, because they will not win in Lambeau next week. However, Drew Brees might pass for 600 yards against this awful DET secondary. 'Aints.
Figgs: New Orleans.
Saints. Detroit's come this far, and for Jim Rome's sake, I hope they can go the distance.

SEAHAWKS (+3.5) vs. Jets
Andy: 'Hawks. They've been pretty competitive, and the Jets are shaky.
Figgs: Jetropolitans.
Nick: Seattle. I'm pretty much done picking the Jets.

RAIDERS (+7.5) vs. Texans
Andy: Houston, defying all odds, has played some pretty good football of late, even on the road. I like them in this one.
Figgs: Texans.
Nick: Texans (-7). Houston looks like the hot second half team this year, and they'll keep rolling against the hapless Raiders. Matt Schaub is for real.

BRONCOS (-6) vs. Bills
Andy: Pretty obvious stay-away game here, but I think the Bills are sunk.
Figgs: Donks.
Nick: Broncos. It's not that I believe in the Donks, it's that I don't believe in the Bills.

GIANTS (-3) vs. Panthers
Andy: Solid matchup. I'll take Carolina.
Figgs: Giants.
Giants. One of the closest games on the board. If Jacobs is out, I might change this pick.

Monday Night

BEARS (-4) vs. Packers
Andy: Bears, though I can't offer a good reason why.
Figgs: Da Bears.
Bears. Like Tom Petty, Green Bay is free falling.

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