Wednesday, December 10

Indians sign Wood

Editor's note: John actually wrote this, not Andy is reporting the Indians have reached an agreement with Kerry Wood on a two-year deal, worth around $20 million.

Wood was my choice if we needed to sign a closer. The funny thing about it is that the front office thought that Orlando Hudson at second was probably too big a risk due to his wrist injury. However, when I think of Kerry Wood, I think injury. Nevertheless, I thought Wood was our best bet. Trevor Hoffman I thought was a little old, and Brian Fuentes was probably too expensive. So what do you think?

I don't have any details on how much money we ponied up because heck I'm writing this story on a blackberry. I do expect this is the biggest news we'll have in Cleveland this offseason. I could be wrong.


Nick said...

You clearly should have taken the title in an "Indians Have Wood" direction...

John said...

I'm saving them up for the 2009 season.

Wood sticks it to the Yankees
Wood blows his load
Wood embarrasses Indians
Twins baffled by Wood