Monday, December 15

4 am Browns excitement!

I'm currently in Norway, and for whatever reason my internal clock decided I should be wide awake at 4 am. I thought I was pretty well on local time, but apparently not. Anyway, I thought, "hey, it's 10 pm in the US - let's see how the Browns are doing!"

17-3 at half, perfect. Also, I just turned on GameCast to see this inspiring sequence:

1st and 10: J. Lewis rush up the middle for 1 yd.
2nd and 9: K. Dorsey pass incomplete to C. Ali
3rd and 9: K. Dorsey pass incomplete
4th and 9: D. Zastudil punts 35 yards to End Zone

Yeah, I think a week away from this team is working out pretty well for me. This'll let me get the batteries recharged for the big Battle of Ohio next week! I'm goin' to bed.

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