Thursday, November 1

NFL Picks: Week 9

10-4 bitches! I smell a comeback...

Last Week:
Figgs: 10-4
Nick: 8-6
Joe: 5-9
Figgs' $ Picks: 0-0
Nick's $ Picks: 0-0

Season to Date:
Nick: 55-60-3*
Joe: 52-63-3
Figgs: 47-68-3
Figgs' $ Picks: 7-13*
Nick's $ Picks: 5-8, -4 Schrute Bucks

Thursday Night Football, 8:20
CHARGERS (-9) vs. Chiefs
Figgs: SD. Not so much a pick for the Bolts as it is one against KC.
Joe: KC; Too many points for such a bunch of underachievers. But what do I know? I've been on a terrible streak lately, so whatever.
Nick: Chargers. As much as I like points, the Chiefs might be the worst team in the league and the Chargers are at home in a prime time, must-win game.

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
BROWNS (+4) vs. Ravens
Figgs: Browns. We actually might not be all that bad.
Joe: Browns; I'm starting to sense a theme for the 3 of us in picking Browns games.
Nick: Rats. We're taking some steps in the right direction, but this is 3 points too low. I would like nothing more than to lose here, but I try to be objective when I make my picks.

BENGALS (+4) vs. Broncos
Figgs: Broncos. Manning looks like the Peyton of old, as do the Bengals. ($)
Joe: Broncos; I thought Peyton lost his arm strength. He looks pretty good to me. Denver is legit. Period. Cincy is garbage.
Nick: Broncos. I keep thinking this is a trap game...but why? Aside from the fact that the Bengals are coming off the bye, they have a below average offense and defense. On the other hand, the Broncos are rolling just as their schedule gets incredibly soft.

PACKERS (-11) vs. Cardinals
Figgs: Pack. What a fall from the once 4-0 Cards. Packers are starting roll and need all the wins they can get in one of the best divisions we've seen in recent years.
Joe: Packers; They are certainly 11 points better than the Cards. Denny Green isn't there anymore, but the Cards "Are who we thought they were!"
Nick: Cards. I gave this game a ton of thought and as bad as the Cards have been the last few weeks, their defense still hasn't given up more than 24 points this season. Everyone wants to think that these Packers are the Packers of 2011, and I'm just not seeing it yet. There are several scenarios in which the Cards beat the spread, and I believe there are fewer in which the Pack covers. I could be wrong, but it's always a good bet to grab the double-digit dog in the NFL.

TITANS (+4) vs. Bears
Figgs: Bears. I swung and missed big time with Tennessee last week. The Bears need all the wins they can get in one of the best divisions we've seen in recent years. ($)
Joe:Bears; The Bears defense scores points more consistently than several NFL offenses. The Titans are up and down, so I'llgive the points with the more consistent team.
Nick: Bears. Boy does this one scream "sucker bet." That said, I've seen a lot of picks for the Titans this week, and I'm not sure why. Tennessee is extremely balanced...they have an offense and defense that are almost equally bad.

COLTS (+3) vs. Dolphins
Figgs: Colts. Two teams I drastically underrated at the beginning of the year. I'll take the home team getting points in a relatively even matchup.
Joe: Colts; I was thinking the same thing ^. Toss up game, so if the home team is a dog, I'll gladly take them.
Nick: Dolphins. The Dolphins are good, and while the Colts can move the ball, people are starting to overrate them because it's fun to root for Andrew Luck.

REDSKINS (-3) vs. Panthers
Figgs: Cats. I wonder if Joe will be interested in watching this game. The Panthers are not very good but aren't shitty enough to have this poor of a record. They'll need some wins somewhere down the line, here seems like a decent spot.
Joe: Redskins; Yes, I am interested in this matchup. Cam is my boy, but RG3 is simply more accurate, more mature, smarter, and a better all around QB. (If you don't like that Cam, do something about it. Your team has been unwatchable this year).
Nick: Skins. An extra half point might have changed my decision, but Washington has been solid at home so far, and I'm much more confident in them, all around. Shouldn't we all have realized that Newton was putting up a good portion of his stats in garbage time last season? Joe Namath would describe Cam Newton as a thrower, not a passer. Cam's mind is not ahead of the defense.

JAGUARS (+4) vs. Lions
Figgs: Lions. Finally Stafford has it going. The Jaguars may be worse than the Chiefs. ($)
Joe: Jags; The Jags are Not worse than the Chiefs. I'm telling you, Gabbert hasn't been that bad. Getting more than a FG at home, give me the Jags please.
Nick: Jags. If Gabbert was out, I'd take the Lions. Detroit is 3-4, with those wins coming by a combined 11 points. Why do I want to give 4 on the road?

TEXANS (-10) vs. Bills
Figgs: Texans. The Jills have one of the worst run defenses in the league, Foster should be over the century mark by halftime.
Joe: Texans; They have grown accustomed to covering double digit spreads. The Bills look good some games, but when they play the big boys, they get destroyed (i.e. San Fran and New England scoring 45 and 52 against them respectfully). Houston a one of the big boys, so I'll give those points.
Nick: Texans. Remember what I said about double-digit NFL dogs? Forget about it.

(4:25 kickoffs)
RAIDERS (-1) vs. Buccaneers
Figgs: Raiders. Kind of a coin flip for me, I'll take the home field.
Joe: Bucs; (For those of you that care, this is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVIII) The Bucswere very impressive last Thursday against a decent team on the road. The Raiders haven't been impressive against anyone (I'm not sure the Chiefs qualify as an NFL team, so that doesn't really count).
Nick: Bucs. The Black Hole spooks me a little bit in this one, but Tampa has a better defense and seems to be slightly better at the skills positions.

SEAHAWKS (-5) vs. Vikings
Figgs: Vikes. I know all about Seattle's excellent play at home, but I just think Minnesota is a better team and I'm not willing to give the five points.
Joe: Seahawks; I had to come back to this game. I really have no clue. 5 is tough number. We know Seattle only chooses to play the 8 games in this stadium and quitsin the 8 on the road, so they should look good on Sunday. What the hell? I'll give the points.
Nick: Vikes. I went into this game thinking "Seattle doesn't feel like a 'cover a big number' type of team." Sure enough, three of the Hawks' four victories were decided by four or less. If this number were three, I'd take Qwest Field, but I'm playing the odds with Purple Jesus.

GIANTS (-3) vs. Steelers
Figgs: NYG. steelers will be in prime position for a playoff spot with a win here. C'mon, Eli!
Joe: Giants; Class of 2004QB reunion. They both have 2 rings. They both are perennial Pro Bowlers. Only one is straight. Eli and the Giants are looking like they will win back to back Super Bowls. The steelers are playing better, but they arent in the Giants league.
Nick: Giants. I'm not as high on the Giants as some people. Heck, maybe there just aren't as many great teams this year. But do you know what the Pitt's best win of the season is? That's right: a two-point home win over the Eagles, in which Michael Vick fumbled away a sure touchdown. Pittsburgh may come out and get the W, but the Giants are the right pick with the standard home three points.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 kickoff
FALCONS (-4) vs. Cowboys
Figgs: ATL. They've covered every game since I came back on the bandwagon other than my one-game punishment. I like them to keep it going here in the Dome.
Joe: ATL; One of the toughest games for me. I think Atlanta is due to lose sometime soon, and we all know Dallas has talent. But, if Romo turns the ball over against this team the way he did vs. the Bears and Giants recently, the Birds will cover way more than 4. Plus, it's in the Dome.
Nick: Cowboys. The Falcons may be undefeated, but they've been fortunate to win three of their last four games. If the Cowboys lose here, their season is basically over, and I like getting more than a field goal.

Monday Night Football, 8:30 kickoff
SAINTS (-3) vs. Eagles
Figgs: Saints. Not real confident here, still can't seem to figure the Saints out.
Joe: Eagles; Notconfident either. I figure Andy Reid is too good a coach to let his team roll over and die when it's his job that's on the line. (Editors Note:Before there was Cam and RG3, and before thedog fighting fiasco, I was once Michael Vicks' #1 fan).
Nick: Saints. With 100% confidence.


Andy said...

Fellows, good stuff as always. I enjoy reading these, especially when a Joe Namath reference sneaks in.

Nick, your ravens pick is ... disturbing. I feel compelled to mention that there's no real point in saying what a line "should be" - they're set, as you know, to encourage equal action on both sides.

Nick is right about double-digit underdogs being a bargain in NFL betting..

Figgs said...

Nick may have been right with that stat, but wrong this week as Joe and I gained a game on him with GB. Also, he shouldn't get that Ravens win. Fuck them. A third and completely non-FCF Picks related point, Ohio St actually covered a big spread yesterday with a ridiculous Bri'Onte Dunn touchdown.