Thursday, November 15

NFL Picks: Week 11

Now those records look more normal. Although my six wins was still good enough to be six better than Nick. Let's see if he will grace us with his presence this week as we forge on.

Nick: This is going to be awfully embarassing when I spot you 15 games (forgetting once again to pick on Thursday) and still beat you this season.

Last Week:
Figgs: 6-8
Joe: 9-5
Nick: 0-14
Figgs' $ Picks: 1-1

Season to Date
Joe: 69-74-3
Figgs: 63-80-3
Nick: 62-81-3
Figgs' $ Picks: 11-14
Nick's $ Picks: 5-8, -4 Schrute Bucks

Thursday Night Football, 8:20
BILLS (-1) vs. Dolphins
Figgs: Fish. So Time Warner finally gets the NFL Network, and they make us suffer through these awful games that they put on Thursday Night.
Joe: Bills; These Thursday games have in fact been bad. I'll take a flier on the Buffaloes tonight because, hey, what the hell?

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
COWBOYS (-9) vs. Browns
Figgs: Browns. The Browns can't lose in heartbreaking fashion and have Dallas cover this at the same time. My money's on the Browns losing in heartbreaking fashion.
Joe: Browns; Coming off a bye week against a team where you never know if you'll get good Dallas or bad Dallas. I'm going with bad Dallas, and calling for us to get the outright win. Yeah, I said it.
Nick: Browns. More than a touchdown seems a little, considering how unimpressive the Cowboys have been. Even if the Browns are beaten down for most of the game, the backdoor cover is wide open.

FALCONS (-10) vs. Cardinals
Figgs: ATL. I was correct in going against them last week, I expect them to come back in a big way against a bad Cardinals team this week.
Joe: ATL; I'm not sure if I like giving this many points, but I love this Birds team, and Arizona doesn't have much of anything to love. After a 4-0 start, the Cards haven't won a game since September.
Nick: Cards. This could easily blow up in my face, but the Falcons have eight wins and only three are by double-digits. Bye week bump, anyone?

LIONS (+4) vs. Packers
Figgs: Pack. The Lions are 4-2 outside of their division. Unfortunately for them, they share a division with these guys.
Joe: Packers; Aaron Rodgers coming off a bye vs. an average Lions club. Sign me up. Being on the road shouldn't faze them because Green Bay's offense is built much more for a dome than outdoors in bad weather anyway.
Nick: Pack. I continue to believe that Detroit sucks. (4 Schrute Bucks)

CHIEFS (+4) vs. Bengals
Figgs: Cinncy. KC played inspired last week and are getting points in Arrowhead. Perfect time for them to fall flat on their face.
Joe: Chiefs; They are still terrible, but I don't like Cincy much either. I'll take the 4 at home.
Nick: Bengals. The Chiefs are the worst team in football. Shouldn't AJ Green be able to cover this number on his own? (-3.5, 2 Schrute Bucks)

RAMS (-4) vs. Jets
Figgs: Rams. The Jets are just such a mess right now.
Joe: Rams; I can see why the Jets brought in Tebow to attract attention. Without a side story, no one could possibly want to spend 10 seconds talking about this horrendous football team.
Nick: Rams. I love watching the Jets tank.

REDSKINS (-4) vs. Eagles
Figgs: Philly. The Vick injury could be a blessing in disguise. They wanted to go to Foles anyway, now they have an excuse. Let's see what this kid can do.
Joe:Skins; Figgs may be right, but if I have to take a rookie QB to win this game, I'll put my money on RG3.
Nick: Eagles. I don't like either of these teams, so give me the points.

PANTHERS (+1) vs. Buccaneers
Figgs: Bucs. I haven't been giving them enough credit this year. I still don't think they're quite a playoff team, but they are definitely several steps up from the bottom-feeders of the NFC such as the Panthers. ($)
Joe: Bucs; I started buying into them several weeks ago, and they have proceeded to win 3 straight and get over the .500 mark. I actually could buy them as a playoff team. They'll probably barely miss out with a 9-7ish record, but they are taking several steps in the right direction going forward. The Panthers....not so much.
Nick: Bucs. The Bucs keep flying under the radar, so I'll take them again here. Watching most of that Panthers game last week, it's astounding how incompetent that franchise is. The Browns are in better shape with a 44-year old rookie ginger quarterback. (2 Schrute Bucks)

TEXANS (-15) vs. Jaguars
Figgs: Houston. While 15 is a really big number, the Texans are second in the league in point differential, winning by almost 12 points per game, while the Jags are dead last, losing by over 13 a game. Put those together, and this could get out of hand in a hurry.
Joe: Texans; They can certainly win with offense, and last week they showed they can go toe to toe with a great defense and out playanybody on that side of the ball as well. This week, they'll show a lot of both.
Nick: Jags. Too many points. If you just blindly picked every dog that was getting more than 14, I bet your record would be pretty good.

(4:25 kickoffs)
RAIDERS (+5) vs. Saints
Figgs: Saints, Saints, Saints. Favorite game on the board, maybe even of the year. Oakland is really bad. ($)
Joe: Saints; I'ma little hesitant since it's outside the dome giving more than a FG. But it is Oakland. That's all I needed to hear to give the 5.
Nick: Saints. Trap game. TRAP GAME! Doesn't matter, Oakland is that bad. (3 Schrute Bucks)

BRONCOS (-8) vs. Chargers
Figgs: Bolts. From my favorite line of the week to my least. Denver is on a roll and should keep it going here, but 8 is just a point too high for me. Never know when SD will come out to play.
Joe: Broncos; Ever since the 1st meeting between these two, I have completely sold all of my Bolt stock. They will just never live up to their potential as long as Norv Turner is their coach.Oh, and Peyton Manning is starting to quietly look like he might win yet another MVP. Broncos, big.
Nick: Donks. This seems a point too high, but Denver has scored 31 or more points in 5 of their last 6. Why will that change against this porous Chargers defense?

PATRIOTS (-10) vs. Colts
Figgs: Indy. The Colts have won four straight, but all against weak teams. Now it's time to really see what they're made of. I'm banking that they are for real. This was always the most exciting game of the year, watching brady and Manning go at it. With Andrew Luck stepping in, let's keep the good times rolling.
Joe: Colts; I think they might be for real as well. I love getting such a big 10 pt cushion here, because even if the Pats are in control, that is a big number to give.
Nick: Pats. This is a tough one. Most of the Colts' wins have been against soft opponents, and you never know which Patriots team will show up. I'm going to bank on a letdown game for Indy.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 kickoff
STEELERS (+4) vs. Ravens
Figgs: ratbirds. Byron Leftwich? Hahaha. ($)
Joe: Ravens; They have to win this game to take a stranglehold on this division. They looked fantastic last week, scoring 55 points (of course it was against a 1-AA opponent) and the steelers would have lost last week if it was against anyone but the lowly Chiefs. I look for this to be the 1st of a 3-game losing streak for pitts (that's right, I said it. I am aware of who their opponent is next week).
Nick: Pittsburgh. Can we just have Bane take out Heinz Field tonight? I'll be rooting for Baltimore hear (gag me), but I'm just not sold on the Ravens against a legit contender. Unfortunately, I think the Steelers are a contender in a lousy AFC, even with Leftwich in there. Plus, getting more than a field goal is significant in this game.

Monday Night Football, 8:30 kickoff
49ERS (-5) vs. Bears
Figgs: Bears. Every time we're ready to proclaim the Niners as NFC favorites, they lay an egg like they did last week. With Smith's and Cutler's status uncertain, this one could surely go either way. Give me the points and the more consistent team.
Joe: Bears; I'm probably the only one in the country that has serious doubts about San Fran not only being a Super Bowl contender, but being good period. I think Seattle may very well win this division. In this game, even if Campbell plays, I like the Bears. He is a servicable backup, and regardless, I love the Bears D going against a pedestrian offense. Plus, this should be low scoring by both teams, given their great defenses. So, all these reasons I have to take the Bears, AND I'm getting 5 points? Yes please.
Nick: Bears. Feels like a 19-16, grinder of a game. I'll take the points.

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