Thursday, October 18

NFL Picks: Week 7

Last Week:
Figgs: 6-8
Joe: 5-9
Nick: 5-9
Figgs' $ Picks: 0-3
Nick's $ Picks: 0-1, -4 Schrute Bucks

Season to Date:
Joe: 43-45-3
Nick: 40-48-3
Figgs: 31-57-3
Figgs' $ Picks: 7-12*
Nick's $ Picks: 5-8, -4 Schrute Bucks

Thursday Night Football, 8:20
49ERS (-7.5) vs. Seahawks
Figgs: Niners. They're still one of the best teams in the league, I expect them to prove it tonight.
Joe: 49ers; Very tough call, but I don't want to let last week influence me to much. If this was at Seattle, I would pick the hawks getting points for sure, and probably to win outright. But they are just so different on the road. Plus, the last time the 49ers had a loss, they followed it up with a 34-0 victory.
Nick: Seahawks. Seattle has a really good defense and I'm taking this over a full touchdown puts this game on red alert for a backdoor cover.

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
COLTS (-3) vs. Browns
Figgs: Browns. 11-5 started last week. Let's keep on pace.
Joe: Browns; I'm feeling a winning streak coming on.
Nick: Browns.

BILLS (-3) vs. Titans
Figgs: Titans. I can't quite figure either of these teams out, and would not be surprised with any outcome. I guess when in doubt, go against Buffalo.
Joe: Titans; I agree^.
Nick: Bills

GIANTS (-6) vs. Redskins
Figgs: NYG. The way Eli's playing, I'll take anything under a touchdown.
Joe: Giants; I don't know why they don't play like they did last week every week. I can't figure out why they play down to their level of competition. That said, I can't use that as enough of a reason to go against them this week.
Nick: Skins. Classic letdown game, and all three of the Redskins' losses have been seven or less.

BUCS (+1) vs. Saints
Figgs: Saints. They are certainly not at the elite level that we've seen them at the past few years, but I think they're at least making their way back to respectable.
Joe: Saints; They still have all of the talent, and now that the initial shock of not having their coach is over, I look for them to make a strong push over the next several weeks.
Nick: Bucs.

PANTHERS (+1) vs. Cowboys
Figgs: 'Boys. I drank the Carolina Kool-Aid at the beginning of the year and will be the first to admit it was way too soon. They are still a ways away from being a good team.
Joe: Cowboys; I didnt want to do it, but I think I have run out of reasons to pick Cam. I haven't changed my opinion on him at all, but outside of Steve Smith (who is pretty old), the team around him is simply terrible.
Nick: Cowboys.

TEXANS (-7) vs. Ravens
Figgs: ratbirds. No Lewis or Webb, so Houston should be able to put up some points and I could see them blowing this open, but I just think Baltimore is still too quality of a team to give up a full TD.
Joe: Ravens; I think I (and all the "experts" as well) have overrated both these teams. Baltimore is so banged up defensively, but their offense is still healthy, and believe it or not, the offense is what the 2012 Ravens are all about anyway.
Nick: Texans. going against the Ravens on the road.

RAMS (+6) vs. Packers
Figgs: Pack. Remember when people were saying Rodgers was overrated? 6 touchdowns later, I don't hear anyone talking.
Joe: Packers; Aaron Rodgers is still the reigning MVP, and he showed it last week. I think Green Bay and New England are the two best 3-3 teams of all time. I like the Rams D, but not against this offense.Packers should win big here.
Nick: Pack

VIKINGS (-6) vs. Cardinals
Figgs: Vikes. Both teams' records are probably a little better than they actually are, but Minny is far more of a real contender.
Joe: Cardinals; I like the Vikings better, but I realized that I picked the same as my brother in every game so far, and that can't bode well for me having a good week. So, I'll go with the Cards here, and getting almost a TD, I can feel pretty comfortable about it.

(4:25 kickoffs)
PATRIOTS (-11) vs. Jets
Figgs: Pats. I wouldn't bet against brady after a loss, no matter how many points I have to give up. I could see this being 42-0.
Joe: Patriots; With Baltimore hurt, and Houston showing some flaws, the road to the Super Bowl still goes through New England. I won't put much stock in them losing in Seattle. We know how the Hawks are at home, and the Pats still had a lead most of the game. Coming home this week, I think they destroy Sanchez and company.
Nick: Jets

RAIDERS (-4) vs. Jaguars
Figgs: Raiders. Jacksonville is the worst team in the league. In the Black Hole? I'd be willing to give double this. ($)
Joe:Raiders; Carson Palmer is a USC QB that majored in surfing. Blaine Gabbert simply wishes he was.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 kickoff
BENGALS (+2) vs. steelers
Figgs: Cinncy. I didn't care who they played or what the spread was, I was NOT picking those assholes again.
Joe: Bengals; I had a momentary lapse in judgement last week when I picked these jagoffs, and I won't let it happen again. At least not on the road, where they are still winless.
Nick: Bengals

Monday Night Football, 8:30 kickoff
BEARS (-7) vs. Lions
Figgs: Lions. Bears win, closer than the experts think.
Joe: Bears; I'm hoping for a good game, but I think the Bears are the real deal. They finally have weapons on offense in the passing game, Forte is still a playmaker, the defense is still solid and Charles Tillman will probably score a TD.
Nick: Lions


Joe Figgs said...

I guess since the safety at the end of the Seattle game would have decided the spread, but then was declined, it would have been a hard game to make a pick halfway through and still come out correct. So that must be why Nick waited until after the game to make a pick.

Andy said...

Nick, why the rush to post your Sunday picks? You've still got a lot of time before Monday morning