Thursday, September 27

NFL Picks: Week 4

Last Week:
Figgs: 4-11-1
Joe: 7-8-1
Nick: 6-9-1
Figgs' $ Picks: 1-2*
(* We all know I won that Packers game.)

Season to Date:
Joe: 22-23-3
Nick: 21-24-3
Figgs: 12-33-3

Figgs' $ Picks: 2-5*
Nick's $ Picks: 1-2
Nick's $ Picks: 2-5, -7 Schrute Bucks

Thursday Night Football, 8:20
RAVENS (-12) vs. Browns
Figgs: Browns. This has 34-0 Ravens all over it, but we've been known to pull a few tricks out in primetime games against great teams. Let's see one more here.
Joe: Browns; I don't think I'm being unrealistic here.  I'm not expecting a Super Bowl, or even a winning record.  All I'm asking for is to not lose all hope for our season before September ends.  But alas, here we are again.  That said, of course I'm picking the Browns. 
Nick: Browns

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
BUFFALOES (+4) vs. Patriots
Figgs: Pats. Joe's spot on here. Brady drop three straight? Keep dreamin Buffalo. ($)
Joe: Patriots; For a team that Never loses 2 in a row, I can't fathom them losing 3 in a row.  This has potential blowout written all over it. 
Nick: Pats.

LIONS (-5) vs. Vikings
Figgs: Lions. Stafford looks good to go, time for Detroit to step it up.
Joe: Lions; I hit on the Vikes last week, but it was a gut feeling that they pull the upset at home against a better team.  I think they are improved, but not yet a consistent team.  Lions bounce back at home here.
Nick: Vikes.

FALCONS (-7) vs. Panthers
Figgs: ATL. I'm sorry guys, please take me back.
Joe: ATL; I hate to do it Cam.  But the Cats are struggling and the Birds look to be perhaps the best team in football.  In the Georgia Dome.  Actually, I can see no possible way this game is closer than 7. 
Nick: Falcons.

JETS (+4) vs. 49ers
Figgs: Niners. Sanchez blows, it's definitely Tebow time.
Joe: 49ers; Harbaugh will use last week as motivation to get them back on track.  Jets are 2-1, but probably should have lost to a bad Fish team last week, they lost Revis, and they have the most unwatchable offense in football (unless they bring Timmy T in). 
Nick: Niners.

CHIEVES (-1) vs. Chargers
Figgs: SD. Arrowhead isn't an easy place to play, but I'll go with my gut on this one. ($ - E)
Joe: Bolts; Here's one where I'm glad I haven't bet on games in years.  It looks like a misprint.  I would probably throw a ton of $$ on San Diego, and then Charles would go for another 200+ yds and I'd lose big.  Anyway, since we're just picking for pride, I pick the Bolts to win big here because outside of Charles, KC has no one that impresses me and SD still has some playmakers. 
Nick: Chargers.

TEXANS (-12) vs. Titans
Figgs: Houston. Don't feel great about this one, but Tex is the real deal.
Joe: Texans; I have felt comfortable taking these guys giving huge spreads so far, and they haven't burned me yet.  They are the real deal this year, and in this division, I see no way (barring injuries of course) that they don't get home field advantage. 
Nick: Texans.

RAMS (+2.5) vs. Seahawks
Figgs: Seattle. That D looks tough.
Joe: Rams; I like Seattle, especially their D, but they appear to be one of those teams that is 180 degrees different when they go on the road.  The Rams will probably lose 10 games this year, but they aren't a pushover anymore.  I'll take St.  Louis at  home here. 
Nick: Seahawks.

(4:05 kickoffs)

CARDINALS (-6.5) vs. Dolphins
Figgs: Cards. I can't believe I'm giving up a touchdown for the Birds, but I'm starting to believe as well.
Joe: Cards; I became a reluctant believer after the Pats game, but after that slaughtering of Vick and the Eagles, I am totally on the bandwagon.  If this defense can shutdown Brady and Vick, what will they do to Tannehill? 
Nick: Cards.

BRONCOS (-6.5) vs. Raiders
Figgs: Raiders. Manning's looked shaky the last two games, so I'll take the points.
Joe: Broncos; Two losses to two of the best teams in football doesn't mean I'm gonna bail on Manning yet.  I think he bounces back against a lesser team.  Plus, the Raiders seem like a team that gets a fluke win and then buys into themselves and thinks they're better than they are. 
Nick: Raiders.

JAGUARS (+2.5) vs. Bengals
Figgs: Cinncy. Jacksonville isn't a very good football team. ($)
Joe: Bengals; I have a feeling I'm wrong on this, because it seems they are begging people to bet the Bengals.  Jags have actually done well against the spread so far, but I can't take Blaine against a decent team, especially for less than a FG.
Nick: Bengals.

(4:25 kickoffs)

PACKERS (-7.5) vs. Saints
Figgs: Pack. As shocked as I was that I gave a touchdown to take ARZ, if you would have told me three weeks ago I wouldn't take over a TD for the Saints I'd say you're nuts. What a crazy league this is.
Joe: Packers; After the MNF fiasco, both teams are now in a must win type game.  So I go with the team that is actually gonna fight thru this and end up safely in  the playoffs.  I've already stated several times my thoughts on the Saints being a mess. 
Nick: Saints.

BUCS (-3) vs. Redskins
Figgs: Skins. Don't like this one at all either.
Joe: Bucs; Not sure about this one.  I like Griffin's future, but the Bucs seem to be more consistent right now.
Nick: Bucs.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 pm
EAGLES (-1.5) vs. Giants
Figgs: NYG. Vick needs to get back on track here, and this pass-rush-happy Giants team won't let that happen.
Joe: Giants; They certainly looked like they righted the ship last week.  I thought the Eagles were winning with smoke and mirrors the 1st 2 weeks and it would catch up to them last week.  The only thing that has me worried, is that whenever people totally buy into the Giants, that's when they lay an egg. 
Nick: Giants.

Monday Night Football, 8:30 pm
COWBOYS (-3.5) vs. Bears
Figgs: Bears. C'mon Cutler, you're making me look like a fool. ($)
Joe: Cowboys; I wish I didn't have to give the extra half point, but I'll do it.  I think it's a toss up game, so I usually go with either the home team, or the QB I trust more.  This case I get both.  Dallas is at home and I'll put my faith in Romo over Cutler anyday of the week. 
Nick: Cowboys.

Additional Bets
Nick: Parlay Patriots, Falcons, and Texans to win ($6 Schrute Bucks)

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