Monday, March 19

A great opening weekend

You can't ask for a better weekend to open the NCAA tournament than the one we just had, especially if you're someone like me from Ohio who didn't fill out a bracket and wasn't ruined by top seeds crashing. To wit:

- For the first time ever, TWO number two seeds fell to 15 seeds, and everyone likes a great upset. Everyone also kinda likes watching Duke lose, and that was part and parcel of one of those 2-15 giant killings. A #15 hadn't won a game since 2001.

- The Big 10 had a terrific weekend, going a collective 9-2 and placing four clubs (Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Indiana) in the Sweet Sixteen. No other conference accomplished this.

- The state of Ohio had an AWESOME weekend, posting a perfect 8-0 mark and placing four teams in the round of 16, only the first time a state has ever done that.

- Those 9-2 and 8-0 figures don't exist independently, of course - Ohio State was responsible for two of the wins on both sides of the ledger, and for us here at FCF that's always the bottom line. Almost as thrilling is the fact that one of the Buckeye State wins and one of the Big 10 losses was courtesy of the #13-seeded Ohio Bobcats taking out the school up north, about which I posted briefly earlier today. Had Purdue pulled off their game Sunday night, the tournament would currently be 16-0 in my favor.

- Also it was 77 degrees out Saturday and it was St Patrick's Day. Everything's coming up Francis.

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