Friday, January 20

NFL Picks: Championship Round

Nick came back to Earth a bit after a 6-0 start, but is still enjoying quite a good playoffs. Is anyone else a bit sad that there are only three football games left?

Last Week
Nick: 2-2
Figgs: 2-2
Joe: 1-3

Nick's $ Picks: 2-2

Nick: 6-2
Figgs: 4-4
Joe: 3-5

Nick's $ Picks: 5-2
Figgs' $ Picks: 2-2

Sunday, 3 pm kickoff

PATRIOTS (-7) vs Ravens
Figgs: ratbirds. I had all intentions of picking the Pats here, then I read Nick's comments. I think he is a lifetime 0-35 when he "chalks it up" or "writes it down" before the game begins. I definitely think (and hope) NE still wins, but I'm okay with picking Balt to keep it within a TD.
Joe: Patriots; For three reasons: 1) The Ravens failed to sack TJ Yates even once. Good luck with Tom Brady. 2) Joe Flacco beat Houston simply by not turning the ball over and letting Yates make the mistakes. His play was awful except for the no picks. That was good enough against a 3rd-string QB that was turnover prone. Good luck with Tom Brady. 3) Cam Cameron either has some kind of beef personally with Ray Rice, or he is simply a moronic play caller. Either way, if Rice doesn't get 20-25 touches, the Rats have no chance in my opinion. All that being said, plus the game being at New England, I like the Pats to cover since Baltimore is simply average on the road this year (4-4).
Nick: Patriots. Baltimore got pushed around on both sides of the ball last week and would have lost had TJ Yates just been mediocre. Now we're putting Joe Flacco on the road, in Foxboro, in a revenge game against an opponent that is going to force the Ravens to play from behind. Flacco can't do it, and this is an easy pick. I'm gloating, and I'm already doing my touchdown dance. ($)

Sunday 6:30 pm kickoff

49ERS (-2.5) vs Giants
Figgs: Niners. I consider this one basically a coin flip, so I figured I'd go against these other two on both games just for funsies. I've really enjoyed watching SanFran all year, especially last week's thriller in New Orleans. Looking forward to a great game either way.
Joe: Giants. I am very conflicted in this game. My initial instinct was to go Giants, then I thought about switching it, but I am so unsure that I decided to stay with my initial instinct. Alex Smith played his best game as a pro last week in outdueling Drew Brees, but I don't see that happening again. If he does the same thing against Eli, than the 9ers deserve to be in the Super Bowl. I just love the Giants pass rush, though, and I think they will put enough pressure on Smith to avoid that happening. I don't think being on the road ever affects the Giants, and I think Manning will make enough plays against a great 49ers defense to squeak out a close win.
Nick: Giants. The Giants have been rolling the last three weeks and just embarrassed a Packers team that came within a few dropped passes of going 16-0. Oh, and the Giants did it at Lambeau. This should be a close, ugly game, but I'm banking on Alex Smith failing to play two great games in a row, and the Niners failing to force eleventy-billion turnovers for the second week in a row. ($ +3)


Andy said...


Nick, can you post a video of you doing your Touchdown Dance?

Nick said...

Damn. You know why I lost the Patriots game? I forgot to "book it."

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