Wednesday, December 14


As most Browns fans likely know by now, steeler linebacker James Harrison has been suspended one game by the NFL for his helmet-to-helmet cheap shot in the fourth quarter of last Thursday's game between the Browns-steelers game.

This shouldn't come as a surprise - Harrison is constantly being flagged and fined for his illegal hits, and the league office, having set a precedent with the Ndamukong Suh suspension, decided it had had enough of Harrison's antics. This particular hit was totally unnecessary - McCoy had long since tossed the ball and any semblance of proper tackling form on Harrison's part would have avoided the penalty, but he went clearly helmet-to-helmet and ended up concussing McCoy.

The most amazing thing seems to be Harrison's continued inability, or unwillingness, to understand that what he does is wrong and to take responsibility for it. Harrison afterwards said, "I don't think a suspension is worthy. I don't think it's worthy of anything, but that's just my own personal thoughts" and added, "Well, he took off running with it, and at the last second he, like, chucked and ducked. So, people can see it."

Amazing. Amazing that he could possibly watch that play and think that. There was no ducking - there was a big guy headbutting a smaller guy who had just thrown a pass. It defies all logic. I'm sure some steeler fans are defending him as well, which is of course inappropriate. Yes, I'm a Browns fan and biased in this particular situation, but I condemn foul play no matter who does it, even when my team's players do. Consider Robert Reynolds of OSU choking Wisconsin's Jim Sorgi, or Gerard Warren's stupid cheap shots when he was a Brown - I recognized both of those as wrong and opposed them, just as I do here. I like fair, safe, hard play regardless of rooting interest.

Characteristically, Harrison has remained defiant, telling Jerome Bettis that he won't change the way he plays. Maybe you should change, you stubborn cheap-shotting idiot. Maybe play hard but stop doing things that are illegal and dangerous? Just maybe? His coach, Mike Tomlin, had this to say:

We're disappointed for James because we know how hard he's worked to play within the rules. We accept the judgment rendered by the league office and we'll move forward.

The second part, yes, I give Tomlin credit for being an upright citizen. The first part? Absolutely not. Not only has Harrison not worked to play within the rules, he (a) clearly does not understand the rules and (b) is out granting interviews where he openly says he has no intention of making the necessary changes.

Just another reason to hate the steelers...

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