Saturday, December 31

NFL Picks: Week 17

All Joe has to do is pick four games right, and/or make sure he makes four of the same picks as Nick, and it's wrapped up. Well done, sir.

It's probably worth pointing out here that, had Figgs not gone Costanza on his picks in Week 13 and taken a 5-11, he would currently be leading Nick by three games. Ouch. The runner-up slot is still up for grabs, though, as 2nd and 3rd are separated by just four games headed into the final week.

Last Week
Figgs: 9-6-1
Joe: 8-7-1
Nick: 8-7-1

Figgs' $ Picks: 2-3
Nick's $ Picks: 1-2

Current Standings
Joe: 127-102-10
Nick: 114-115-10
Figgs: 110-119-10

Figgs' $ Picks: 21-25-1
Nick's $ Picks: 36-29-5

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

DOLPHINS (-3) vs Jets
Figgs: NYJ. This is probably the toughest week to pick, because in addition to possible guys sitting (See: Aaron Rodges,)teams whose game is worth something may play harder than teams without anything on the line. That being said, the Jets need this one.
Joe:Dolphins; I like the way they have played in the 2nd half of the season, and sometimes a team like this is far scarier an opponent than a better team with everything clinched and nothing to play for. The fish have nothing to lose and would love to spoil their rivals' shot at the playoffs.
Nick: Fish.

PATRIOTS (-10.5) vs Buffaloes
Figgs: Pats. They're looking to lock up the #1 seed, and they're going to take it out on the poor Jills. ($)
Joe: Patriots; I remember the last time Buffalo had a big early season win vs. the Pats in the "Lawyer Milloy Game," the Pats came back at the end of the season to shut them out. I look for more of the same this year.
Nick: Pats.

RAMS (+10.5) vs 49ers
Figgs: Niners. Very similar situation to New England. SF needs this one to clinch a first-round bye, so I think they leave no doubt against a far inferior club.
Joe: 49ers; Huge mismatch, and as long as SF has something to play for, the fighting Harbaughs should keep their foot on the gas pedal here.
Nick: Niners.

PACKERS (+3) vs Lions
Figgs: Lions. Hate picking against the Pack, but Joe's right.
Joe: Lions; They have something to play for, because there is no way any sane team would want to go to New Orleans in the Wildcard round of the playoffs. Green Bay, on the other hand, has everything wrapped up and may not be playing anyone of significance.
Nick: Packers.

EAGLES (-9) vs Redskins
Figgs: Philly. We're finally seeing the Dream Team we expected. Unfortunately for Eagle fans, it's been about 8 weeks too late.
Joe: Redskins; Philly has the diva type mentality that I could see pouting about not making the playoffs and playing uninspired on Sunday. I think they probably win, but I take the points with the Skins.
Nick: Skins.

JAGUARS (-3.5) vs Colts
Figgs: Indy. Nothing like winning your last three games to lose out on Luck.
Joe: Colts; Blaine Gabbert is not good.
Nick: Colts.

TEXANS (+3) vs Titans
Figgs: Titans. I expected this to be Houston by a couple and had intentions of betting on Tennessee, but Vegas saw me coming. Another situation where they just have so much more to play for.
Joe: Titans; Still in the wildcard race, and Houston, with nothing to play for and a 3rd string QB is a great opponent for them to get here.
Nick: Titans.

SAINTS (-7.5) vs Panthers
Figgs: Saints. They have just been slaughtering teams lately, and won't know the outcome of the Niner game so they'll be playing hard in case they have a shot at the #2.
Joe: Panthers; I am going on record in saying this is a preview of a January 2013 playoff game. I love the Saints to make a Super Bowl run, but Cam and the Cats will keep this one close, like they have most of the year.
Nick: Panthers.

VIKINGS (-1.5) vs Bears
Figgs: Vikes. The Bears are one of the worst teams in the league without Cutler and Forte.
Joe: Vikings; Agreed. Ponder is gonna be pretty good in my opinion, and the Bears season ended when Cutler went down. I don't see them pulling off a road win in their season finale.
Nick: Vikings.

Sunday, 4:15 pm kickoff

BROWNS (+6.5) vs steelers
Figgs: BROWNS. Fuck you, pittsburgh.
Joe: BROWNS; Your Bobdamn right the BROWNS!!!!

CARDINALS (-3) vs Seahawks
Figgs: 'Hawks. Two teams that have surprisingly come on late. I'm more of a believer that Seattle is for real. Definitely a possible playoff team next year. ($)
Joe: Seahawks; Beast mode is a stud and I would definately take Jackson over Kolb or Johnny Bones. I get the better team, and I get points? Thank you.
Nick: Hawks.

BRONCOS (-3) vs Chieves
Figgs: Denver. Tebow gets back on track this week to clinch the West.
Joe: Chiefs; The magic has ended. I think Kyle Orton might have something to prove in this one.
Nick: Donks.

FALCONS (-11.5) vs Buccaneers
Figgs: Bucs. As bad as the Bucs are, this is too many points for a team that already has their seed set.
Joe: Falcons; They can even play Redman at QB if they want and I'll still lay these points. Tampa, you sirs are a disgrace!
Nick: Falcons.

BENGALS (+2) vs Ravens
Figgs: ratbirds. It won't matter once we beat shitsburgh anyway, but Baltimore will clinch the two seed with this W.
Joe: Bengals; I really hope I'm wrong, but Baltimore is terrible on the road and Cincy needs this game to get in, so I like them to send the Ravens to the wildcard round here. They are better than I've given them credit for all year, and they will show it on Sunday. (Or they will tank it once I finally give them some Dap and prove me right. Either way.)
Nick: Ravens.

RAIDERS (-3) vs Chargers
Figgs: Oakland. Now that they're out of it, San Diego seems to me like a team that would give up easy. My least favorite pick of the week, however, because SD is simply a much better team.
Joe:Raiders; Once the Broncose lose, Oakland will be in the playoffs with this victory. Bolts lost their chance to get in last week, and the term "Pride" doesnt come to mind when thinking about a Norv Turner team.
Nick: Chargers.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 pm

GIANTS (-3) vs Cowboys
Figgs: NYG. Dallas will be sitting at home in January again.
Joe: Giants; My vote for defensive player of the year, Jason Pierre-Paul, singlehandedly saved the GMen in their first matchup, and combine him with a now healthy Osi Umeniora, and I like Romo to be running for his life.
Nick: Cowboys.

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