Friday, November 4

NFL Picks: Week 9

With all three of us posting identical 6-7 marks last week, Joe keeps his advantage over Nick, with me continuing to bring up the rear. Don't fret too much over my awful $ record, however, because I've been killing it in college and still in the green for the year.

Last Week
Figgs: 6-7
Joe: 6-7
Nick: 6-7

Figgs' $ Picks: 1-2
Nick's $ Picks: 2-1

Current Standings
Joe: 58-51-6
Nick: 56-53-6
Figgs: 51-58-6

Figgs' $ Picks: 6-11-1
Nick's $ Picks: 19-11-4

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

BROWNS (+10.5) vs Texans
Figgs: Browns
Joe: Texans; I've given up picking us when I know we're going to lose. If you're still in an eliminator pool, here's your pick boys.
Nick: Browns. I actually think the Browns are a decent play here getting more than 10. Our defense is pretty good, and the half point gives us a backdoor cover opportunity even if the Texans dominate.

COLTS (+7) vs Falcons
Figgs: ATL. Falcons are looking better and coming off a bye, and Indy blows.
Joe: Falcons; The Colts are the worst team in football without 18. The ATL, coming off a bye, should roll here.
Nick: Falcons. Like Joe said, the Colts are the worst team in football.

SAINTS (-9) vs Bucs
Figgs: NO. The Saints cost me some dough the last time these two played, they get their revenge in the Dome this week.
Joe:Bucs; I like the Saints to bounce back here, but 9 seems like too many points. I'll take the Bucs getting the 9.
Nick: Bucs. The Saints have been awful the last two weeks, so I'll take the points.

Bills (-2) vs Jets
Figgs: Jets. Buffalo looks to me to be the epitome of average. They are pretty good, but don't quite look like a playoff team. The Jets need this one.
Joe: Bills; I think they are actually for real. I think the Jets are simply mediocre.
Nick: Bills. Why isn't Buffalo getting the typical home three points here? No respect. Jason, this one's going to burn you.

CHIEFS (-4) vs Dolphins
Figgs: KC. Tough one for me because I see the Fish getting a few W's this year, and this one looks like a possibility. I'd go with the home team either way here.
Joe: Dolphins; They keep coming up with ways to blow games it looks like they are going to win, but they always play close. They have to win one sooner or later, don't they? Plus, I see the Chiefs buying into their winning streak perhaps too much.
Nick: Chiefs. Wish this was just three points though.

REDSKINS (+3.5) vs 49ers
Figgs: Niners. The Skins have come back down to Earth after those first to weeks, SF looks for real. ($)
Joe: 49ers; West coast team traveling east for an early start is the only reason I might be nervous about this pick. But it isn't enough to go against Harbaugh here. They are just way more talented than the Skins.
Nick: Niners. It could definitely be a trap game, but it's my favorite game on the board. ($ -3)

COWBOYS (-11.5) vs Seahawks
Figgs: 'Boys. They should have something to prove after last week's debacle, and Seattle is a perfect foe to take out some frustration on.
Joe: Cowboys; If they don't come to prove something after last week's no show, then they might as well throw in the towel on the entire season.
Nick: Hawks. This is a lot of points and Seattle has a surprisingly solid defense. They might actually put a few on the board with Tarvaris in there and Dallas could be on cruise control. Plus, it's never smart to pick against Big Red.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

RAIDERS (-7.5) vs Broncos
Figgs: Oakland. I actually think Denver should probably keep this under a TD, but never can I justify picking Tebow.
Joe: Raiders; Carson looked awful in his debut, but that was with about 3 days to prepare. This week, he is coming off a bye with 2 full weeks to get situated, so the Raiders should roll over the hapless Broncos.
Nick: Raiders. More like Teblows.

TITANS (-3) vs Bengals
Figgs: Titans. Cinncy may be better than I expected prior to the season, but I still think they are just the benefeciary of a soft schedule and they simply aren't very good. ($)
Joe:Bengals; They have a terrific defense and Dalton is much better than I expected. The Titans are simply put, not very good. I think CJ2K got paid, and mailed it in.
Nick: Bengals. Not only is Cincy better than you expected Jason, but they're a bargain getting three points against a Tennessee team that has only one quality win this season. ($)

CARDINALS (-2.5) vs Rams
Figgs: STL. I mentioned last week how there's always that game each week, a game I wouldn't even consider checking on if every other game was halftime. Well, here we are. Both teams played way above their talent level last week, this one could go either way.
Joe: Cardinals; I have no comment to make on this awful game.
Nick: Cards. Yeah, if you're betting this game then you might have a problem.

PATRIOTS (-9) vs Giants
Figgs: NYG. They Giants have had their struggles but I think they can keep this close.
Joe:Giants; They are much better on the road than at home for some reason. I think they keep it within a TD, and I wouldn't be surprised if they pull the upset.
Nick: Pats. Late switch for me with Bradshaw and Nicks out.

CHARGERS (+6) vs Packers
Figgs: Pack. This is one of those games I could see SD randomly winning, but after one of the ugliest performances I've ever seen last week against KC, I'll stick with Aaron Rodgers.
Joe:Packers; The Bolts found another way to inexplicably capture defeat from the jaws of victory on Monday night. They might play up to their competition this week and shock the Pack, but until they prove they are capable of doing so, I can't pick them.
Nick: Packers. Keep riding 'em until you have a reason not to.

Sunday Night Football

STEELERS (-3.5) vs Ravens
Figgs: shitsburgh. A lot has changed since Week 1. Looks like they're hitting their stride while the rat birds are fadding quickly.
Joe: Steelers; Son of a bitch! I absolutely hate picking them. But I thought they would win last week, but went against them simply out of principle. Not gonna happen this week. Come on Baltimore, prove me wrong!
Nick: Steelers. Just can't take Joe Flacco in Pittsburgh at night. Can't play with him, can't win with him...can't do it. ($ -1.5)

Monday Night Football

EAGLES (-9) vs Bears
Figgs: Philly. This game could go a long way in deciding NFC wildcards. I do not want to play the Eagles right now.
Joe: Eagles; I wanted to take the Bears here because I hope the Monday nighter is good, but Philly seems to be hitting their stride and is capable of another Dallas type blowout from the getgo.
Nick: Bears. I don't love the Bears, but this is too many points for me.

Figgs teaser: Atlanta (Pk)/Oakland (Pk)/NY Jets (+9)
Nick's teaser: Falcons (-1), Raiders (-1.5)

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