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NFL Picks: Week 12

Last Week
Joe: 9-3-2 (wow)
Figgs: 7-5-2
Nick: 5-7-2

Figgs' $ Picks: 2-2
Nick's $ Picks: 3-1

Current Standings
Joe: 83-68-8
Nick: 76-75-8
Figgs: 69-82-8

Figgs' $ Picks: 10-16-1
Nick's $ Picks: 26-17-4

Thursday Night Football

LIONS (+7) vs Packers
Figgs: Packers. This is the first time since the Barry Sanders era the Lions are playing a meaningful game on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for them, it means Aaron Rodgers is coming to town. ($)
Joe: Packers; Let me say to everyone that Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday of the year. This year, I am thankful for a great slate of games on Turkey Day for once. I think Detroit will score alot of points on GB's defense, but I think Green Bay will score plenty more. Pack in a shootout, something like 45-35 is my prediction.
Nick: Packers. Why pick against the Pack until you have a reason to? ($ -3)

COWBOYS (-7) vs Dolphins
Figgs: 'Boys. Fins win streak ends here.
Joe: Dolphins; I've picked them several weeks in row now, and they haven't burned me yet. The Cowboys should win, but I'll roll the dice with the Fish getting 7 points. (Also, in case you didn't already notice, this game is a rematch of Super Bowl VI. I bet Czonka and the boys are still steaming over that loss, so I look for the revenge factor here).
Nick: Phish. Although I'm told the Dolphins aren't actually fish. Miami has been beating up on some bad teams in recent weeks, and the Cowboys have yet to find the next gear. Wouldn't be shocked to see Miami pull the upset.

RAVENS (-3) vs 49ers
Figgs: Niners. Suck it, Baltimore. San Fran is really good. ($)
Joe: Ravens; Standard home 3 point spread, and I would take whoever was at home in this one and give the 3. Since Baltimore is home, I'm taking them. Not much more to analyze than that.
Nick: Niners. I think the Niners are the second-best team in the league behind Green Bay. They could easily be undefeated, and I love them getting points here. ($ +6)

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

BENGALS (-7.5) vs Browns
Figgs: BROWNS. Let's go ahead and start a winning streak.
Joe: Browns; We're getting more than a TD, so I feel I must pick us here. We tend to have wacky games with Cincy, so maybe we'll shock some people and win this one outright (or maybe not).
Nick: Bengals. Not picking us until we show that we can do something on offense.

RAMS (-3) vs Cardinals
Figgs: Cards. Just an awful team.
Joe: Cardinals; What the hell? Why not?
Nick: Cards. I'll take the points considering that Skelton hasn't been that bad.

JETS (-9) vs Bills
Figgs: Jets. You two talked me into it.
Joe: Jets; With Fred Jackson, the Bills seem to have completely come undone at the seams. Without him, they are quite simply a terrible football team. Jets, big.
Nick: Jets. This feels high, but the Bills have been aboslutely terrible the last few weeks.

JAGUARS (+3.5) vs Texans
Figgs: Texans. Houston's good enough/Jacksonville's bad enough to cover this without any QB.
Joe: Texans; All right, Matt Leinert, here's your 2nd chance. For some reason, he's always been my favorite of the USC QB's, and I'm glad he's getting another shot. The Texans should be able to cover this spread regardless of who's playing under center, quite frankly.
Nick: Texans. No reason for Leinart to even worry about throwing in this one. ($ -3)

COLTS (+3.5) vs Panthers
Figgs: Panthers. I'll join Joe on the Cam bandwagon for a week. ($)
Joe: Panthers; Bad team on their way up, while the Colts are just bad with no hope in sight other than either the Andrew Luck era, or Peyton returning next year to his old form.
Nick: Cats. The Colts can't do anything well, and at least the Panthers can score. ($)

TITANS (-3.5) vs Bucs
Figgs: Bucs. Not real confident here, but I just don't think Tennessee's very good. Then again neither are the Bucs, but I'll stick with them.
Joe: Titans; Honestly, they would be better off if Hasslebeck stays injured, so they can see how good Locker can be. Either way, I'll take them here because I've seen nothing positive out of the Bucs all season.
Nick: Titans. I stared at this one for awhile. Although I hate giving more than a field goal, the Titans have played well for four straight games, so I'll go with them.

FALCONS (-9) vs Vikings
Figgs: ATL. Just out of principal, although this line is pretty high.
Joe: Falcons; I wavered on this game for awhile, but now that Peterson is likely out, I'll take the Falcons to cover.
Nick: Birds. The Vikings were already a lousy team without AP, so I'll go with a Falcons team that's at home and fighting for a playoff spot.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

RAIDERS (-4) vs Bears
Figgs: Bears. Urlacher and the gang are good enough to win despite Hanie. ($)
Joe: Raiders; The Bears have the better team, but this is a QB driven league. And Carson Palmer > Caleb Hanie.
Nick: Bears. The Bears have a strong defense and still might win 12 games sans Cutler. I'll roll with them getting more than a field goal.

SEAHAWKS (-3.5) vs Redskins
Figgs: Hawks. "It don't get no better than solid."
Joe: Seahawks; The Skins have the worst QB situation I can ever remember, and they won too many games early in the season to have a shot at Luck. Tavaris and the Seahawks have quietly been playing very well in recent weeks.
Nick: Hawks. I'm pretty comfortable with the Seahawks defense and they're at home. That's really all I have to say about this one.

EAGLES (+3.5) vs Patriots
Figgs: Pats. Philly made their way back into the playoff picture after last week's win. Today they drop right back out.
Joe: Patriots; Banged up Eagle team still barely on life support. Brady and the Pats have turned it on the last couple of weeks after myself and national experts were starting to right them off. They just won't go away.
Nick: Patriots. The Pats aren't going to lose again unless they decide to rest their starters late.

CHARGERS (-6) vs Broncos
Figgs: Chargers. This is a terrible line, but I simply just won't pick Tebow.
Nick: Donks. Why are the Chargers better than the Broncos again?

Sunday Night Football

CHIEFS (+10.5) vs Steelers
Figgs: Steelers. Why in the world did KC get back-to-back primetime games? This one should be just as ugly as last weeks.
Joe: Steelers (reluctantly); I was gonna take the Chiefs when they signed Orton, but I realized he won't be starting quite yet (probably next week) so I can't justify taking Tyler Palko against Troy, Harrison and company.
Nick: Steelers. Sadly I just can't see the Chiefs scoring enough to cover this big number. ($ -4)

Monday Night Football

Figgs: NYG. I agree with these two - just too many points.
Joe: Giants; I still like the Saints alot, but I don't feel comfortable giving a full TD against Eli and company, who have always been road warriors.
Nick: Giants. Too many points - why isn't this the standard home three?

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