Wednesday, November 9

NFL Picks: Week 10

Last week Joe stretched his lead while I lost more money and the Browns were...well the Browns. Let's start turning some things around this week.

Last Week
Joe: 8-6
Nick: 7-7
Figgs: 6-8

Figgs' $ Picks: 1-2
Nick's $ Picks: 2-2

Current Standings
Joe: 66-57-6
Nick: 63-60-6
Figgs: 57-66-6

Figgs' $ Picks: 7-13-1
Nick's $ Picks: 21-13-4

Thursday Night Football

CHARGERS (-7) vs Raiders
Figgs: Chargers. No DMC, no run, no win.
Joe: Raiders; I was prepared to take the Bolts when I thought the line would be between 3 and 6, but getting a TD, I'll go back to rolling with the Raiders, although they have looked terrible since Campbells injury. San Diego has been the classic underachiever we have come to see from them in recent years.
Nick: Chargers. The Bolts played their best game of the year in a losing effort last week, and I'm willing to roll with them here considering that Darren McFadden (aka The Raiders Offense) is on the shelf. I'm also teasing the Chargers with the Ravens, FYI.

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

BROWNS (-3) vs Rams
Figgs: BROWNS. We need to do something to make us beleive that we are at least close to being semi-respectable.
Joe: Browns; No good reason to pick us, especially giving points. But we should beat the Rams, right?
Nick: Rams. Not giving points with the Browns anymore. Is it Draft Day yet?

BENGALS (+3) vs Steelers
Figgs: shitsburgh. Other than the Bills (not exactly a Super Bowl contender themselves), Cinncy still doesn't have a quality win.
Joe: Bengals; Toss up game in my opinion. Give me the home team getting points in this one any day of the week.
Nick: Steelers. I like what I've seen from the Bengals, but they've had quite a cupcake schedule thus far. You're going to compete for the North title with a rookie QB? Prove it. ($)

CHIEFS (-3.5) vs Broncos
Figgs: KC. Like I'd ever pick that homo.
Joe:Broncos; The Chiefs may have blown their load during their 4 game winning streak. A 28 point home loss to a winless team doesn't deserve being favorites against a man with Jesus on his side.
Nick: Donks. Not really sure what to make of either club, but I like getting more than three points. Timmy Tee!

COLTS (+3) vs Jaguars
Figgs: Jax. Yeah, this game really blows.
Joe: Jaguars; This might be "That" game Figgs talks about every week. The Jags aren't good, but the Colts have 0-16 written all over them.
Nick: Jags. If you're betting this game, then you might have a gambling problem. ($)

COWBOYS (-6) vs Bills
Figgs: Jills. Like Joe said, just too many points for a team playing as mediocre as Dallas.
Joe: Bills; The Jets might have exposed the Bills for being kind of a fraud, but Dallas certainly hasn't impressed anyone this year and 6 is an awful lot for a team like them to give here.
Nick: Billskis. Remind me why we think the Cowboys are good again? Oh, and Miles Austin is out? I'll roll the bones on the Bills. ($ SU)

BUCS (+3) vs Texans
Figgs: Bucs. Toughest game on the board for me. Houston's a little better of a team, but I don't know if they're -3 on the road better.
Joe: Texans; They are finally living up to expectations this year, and the Bucs have seemed to take a step back this year, instead of the step forward I thought they would take. I like Houston here, maybe in a blowout.
Nick: Texans. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

PANTHERS (-3.5) vs Titans
Figgs: Cats. They've been so close in many of these losses, at home against this Titan team seems like a good time to break out.
Joe:Panthers; Tennessee looks very beatable and the fighting Cams are coming off a bye and prime for a big performance at home.
Nick: Panthers. Not wild about giving more than three, but the Titans have lost my trust.

DOLPHINS (-4) vs Redskins
Figgs: Skins. The better of two bad teams I guess.
Joe: Dolphins; Wow, Fish giving 4! And even more surprising, I like them in this one. The Redskins have been brutally bad after a hot start. Matt Moore is still Matt Moore, but that being said, the Fish actually have the better QB in this game. The Mike Shanahan watch is officially on.
Nick: Phish. The Dolphins are rounding into form as a "good bad team." Can John Beck be the man, for Shana-han? I vote "no."

FALCONS (E) vs Saints
Figgs: NO. Definitely the non-Browns game I'm looking most forward to this week. Like Joe said, it's time for the Saints to prove they belong in the top tier of the NFC.
Joe: Saints; They have stumbled a few times this year, but I still think they are the 2nd best team in the NFC behind only the Packers. This is a big one for them to show it, since they would fall behind the Birds in the standings with a loss.
Nick: Falcons. My numbers have the Falcons as the better team, and they're at home. Gimme Georgia Dome.

EAGLES (-14) vs Cardinals
Figgs: Philly. This is a ton of points and I don't feel real confident here, but my gut tells me Eagles win big.
Joe: Eagles; I don't even need to wait for the spread. If they want any shot at the playoffs, they need to basically win out. John Skelton and co. coming out east are prime for being blown out. Even if Kolb plays, I think Philly will do their best to show why they were willing to let him go.
Nick: Eagles. The eagle is a far more fearsome creature than the cardinal. Still, I probably should consult Sean, our resident expert on the birdies.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

BEARS (-3) vs Lions
Figgs: Lions. Another real exciting matchup. The Bears aren't a flashy team, but they can beat some people. I just don't think Detroit this week is one of those people.
Joe: Lions; The Bears are hot, winning 3 in row since losing to Detroit in their 1st meeting, but I still love the Stafford to Megatron connection. Their D physically dominated Cutler once, no reason they can't do it again.
Nick: Bears. Tough call, especially with the Lions coming off a bye. Jahvid Best being concussed sealed the deal for me. Also, I'm definitely going to rant for 30 seconds tomorrow about how Jay Cutler gets to have sex with Kristin Cavallari. She's hot and it's bullshit.

SEAHAWKS (+7) vs Ravens
Figgs: ratbirds. After that atrocious performance against Jax on MNF where I lost $ on them, I didn't plan on betting on them again this season. I just can't seem to stay away from this one though.
Joe: Seahawks; I think Baltimore is several TDs better than Seattle, but I'm playing the %'s here. They have let down twice against bad teams so far this year, once after beating Pittsburgh. I think the same thing might happen here.
Nick: Ravens. Considering that I don't have to give more than seven, I'll roll with the much more talented bunch.

49ERS (-3.5) vs Giants
Figgs: Giants. Wow what a great week, another potential playoff preview. Tough call but Joe talked me into it.
Joe: Giants; Again, they are better on the road than at home. I like what San Fran has done so far, but last week's Giant win in New England was one of the most impressive wins any team has had this year. I believe the Giants are the better team here, so I'll gladly accept points.
Nick: Niners. Probably a fair line, but I think the Niners might be the second-best NFC team. We're lucky we actually get two good match ups with just three late games on the slate.

Sunday Night Football

JETS (-2) vs Patriots
Figgs: Pats. Both of these teams look like Super Bowl teams one week and chumps the next. I guess I'll go with brady in primetime. ($ +2.5)
Joe: Jets; They seem to have corrected alot of their weaknesses, while the Pats weaknesses have gotten worse. I don't love the Jets, but with Buffalo coming back to reality, I think this is the Jets division to lose.
Nick: Jets. Jumping off the Patriot bandwagon and onto the Jets'. No reason why this shouldn't be three at home, but it's good for me. ($)

Monday Night Football

PACKERS (-13) vs Vikings
Figgs: GB. I <3 Aaron Rodgers.
Joe: Packers; The Vikings kept it within the spread in their 1st meeting, but that was in the dome. The Packers always have blowout potential vs. anyone, so I'm not gonna worry about 13 being such a high number.
Nick: Vikes. The Pack is the best team in the league, but their last game was close. Thirteen points is too high, especially because Ponder has been impressive and the Vikes are coming off a bye.

Figgs $ teaser: Chargers (PK)/Ravens (PK)/Packers (-6.5)
Nick's teaser: Chargers (-1)/Ravens (-2)

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