Friday, October 21

NFL Picks: Week7

Another rough week for our prognosticators, as no one went about the .500 mark. Joe gained another game on Nick, setting up a tie for first place, while I continue to occupy a stranglehold on the basement.

Last Week
Joe: 6-6-1
Nick: 5-7-1
Figgs: 5-7-1

Figgs' $ Picks: 1-2
Nick's $ Picks: 0-3

Current Standings
Joe: 46-38-5
Nick: 46-38-5
Figgs: 39-45-5

Figgs' $ Picks: 5-8-1
Nick's $ Picks: 13-9-3

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

BROWNS (-3) vs Seahawks
Figgs: BROWNS. If we lose to Seattle at home, it's time to pack it up for the year.
Joe: Browns; We better win this one for Christ's sake.
Nick: Browns. ($)

Bears (-1) vs Bucs (in London)
Figgs: In honor of playing this game across the pond, I'll type in English. Bucs. Two teams that have had some pretty drastic highs and lows this year, so it's tough to get a feel for either one. TB I suppose.
Joe: Bucs; That 48-3 loss to San Fran still seems inexplicable. Beating the Saints last week was more of what I expected out of this team this year.
Nick: Bucs. ($)

PANTHERS (-2.5) vs Redskins
Figgs: Cats. Going against Jon Beck, now's the time for Cam to finally win one of these close ones, right?
Joe: Panthers; Tough losses all year for Carolina. But when times are tough, just keep your heads up boys. I THINK I CAM! I THINK I CAM! I THINK I CAM!
Nick: Panthers. ($)

JETS (+2.5) vs Chargers
Figgs: SD. Should be one of the most interesting matchups of the week. Great offense vs great defense, bad offense vs bad defense. The Jet offense just isn't good enough to keep up with the Bolts.
Joe: Jets; They need this one and I think they will get it at home. San Diego is so unpredictable, I don't feel comfortable picking them here.
Nick: Jets. ($)

TITANS (-3.5) vs Texans
Figgs: Texans. Even without Johnson, Houston's too good of a team to keep sliding like this.
Joe: Titans; Coming off a bye, I like them this week. I guess last week I underestimated just how banged up Houston is.
Nick: Titans.

DOLPHINS (-1) vs Broncos
Figgs: Fish. It seems like each week there's a game that is just pathetic. If henne was still in, it'd be a matchup of two of my all-time least favorite players, and I would refuse to pick either QB and just take the loss. But since he's on the sideline, I'll go against Tebow.
Joe: Broncos; If I could just spend 5 minutes with Tebow, my life would be so much better.
Nick: Dolphins.

LIONS (-3.5) vs Falcons
Figgs: ATL. I haven't hit on a Falcons game yet this year. Twice I said I was giving up on them and picked against them, and they won easily both times.
Joe: Falcons; I fully expected to take the Lions, as I have all year, but I just have a gut feeling about the Dirty Birds pulling the upset here. Even if I'm wrong, they can still lose by a field goal and give me the win, so I'll go with my gut.
Nick: Lions.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

RAIDERS (-5) vs Chiefs
Figgs: Oakland. KC is bad enough where I'd take either Boeller or a rusty Palmer to cover this. (a "rusty Palmer" sounds awfully sexual)
Joe: Raiders; Yeah, as rusty as Palmer may be, either of the three of us would be able to hand the ball off to Darren McFadden enough times to beat KC.
Nick: Raiders.

CARDINALS (+4) vs Steelers
Figgs: shitsburgh. Next.
Joe: Cardinals; Despite sweating out a late charge from the talented Jaguars last week (obvious sarcasm), I still have seen nothing from Pittsburgh to prove to me they don't suck.
Nick: Steelers. ($)

COWBOYS (-13) vs Rams
Figgs: 'Boys. A.J. Feeley? No thank you.
Joe: Cowboys; Alot of points here. I don't feel comfortable, but they are much better than the Rams, so I'll give the large spread.
Nick: Cowboys.

VIKINGS (+9) vs Packers
Figgs: Pack. They could seriously make a run at 16-0.
Joe: Packers; Aaron Rogers>Chritian Ponder. Done.
Nick: Packers.

Sunday Night Football

SAINTS (-14) vs Colts
Figgs: NO. If Indy can't stay with Cinncy, a pissed off Saints team should blow them out of the water. Peyton Manning cost NBC and ESPN so many ratings.
Joe: Saints; Don't know what to add to what Jason just said. I agree 100%.
Nick: Colts.

Monday Night Football

RAVENS (-7.5) vs Jaguars
Figgs: ratbirds. Just awful primetime games again this week. This one's over by halftime.
Joe: Ravens; Despite Jacksonville's near miss against the great Pittsburgh Steelers (there's more sarcasm here if you weren't aware), I like the Ravens to cruise here. Blaine Gabbert, I'd like to introduce you to Ray Lewis and his good buddy Ed Reed.
Nick: Ravens.

Figgs teaser: Steelers (+3)/Packers (-2)/Ravens (PK)
Nick's Teaser: Steelers +2.5 / Packers -1.5

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Andy said...

I hope no one had New Orleans at -56 this week!

Since we're here on FCF, everyone should get a win instead of a tie for picking the Browns in a push.

Nick, really in-depth analysis and insight this week, excellent work.