Saturday, October 29

NFL Picks: Week 8

Looks like there's a new sheriff in town.

Last Week
Joe: 6-6-1
Figgs: 6-6-1
Nick: 4-8-1

Figgs' $ Picks: 0-1
Nick's $ Picks: 4-1-1

Current Standings
Joe: 52-44-6
Nick: 50-46-6
Figgs: 45-51-6

Figgs' $ Picks: 5-9-1
Nick's $ Picks: 17-10-4

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

RAVENS (-13) vs Cardinals
Figgs: ARZ. The Ravens probably win this one big, but I'm not sure I can pick Joe Flacco at any point the rest of the season after what I witnessed last Monday night.
Joe: Ravens; Should be angry after Monday night's embarrassment, and the Cardinals really pork.
Nick: Cards. Too many points.

PANTHERS (-3.5) vs Vikings
Figgs: Cats. Not real confident about this one, guess I'll go with the home team.
Joe: Panthers; Surprisingly, probably the most entertaining 1:00 game with the 2 rookie QB's. Was there really any doubt on which one I would take here?
Nick: Panthers.

TEXANS (-9) vs Jaguars
Figgs: Houston. Not sure where that performance came from last Monday from Jax, but I don't see them doing it again.
Joe: Texans; I think the Jags blew their load on Monday night. Houston should roll here.
Nick: Jags.

GIANTS (-9.5) vs Dolphins
Figgs: NYG. Miami lost to Tim Tebow - 'nuff said.
Joe: Giants; It looks like I'm rolling with the favorites this week. Miami has to do their best to fight off the Colts in the Luck sweepstakes. A trip up north should continue them on their way to do so.
Nick: Dolphins.

RAMS (+13.5) vs Saints
Figgs: NO. Bradford is out, I doubt STL scores more than 10 in this game. The Saints should have no problem putting up more than 24.
Joe: Saints; I'm going with another huge favorite, but this one is the mismatch of the week, regardless if Bradford plays or not. Maybe not quite 62-7, but it could be close to that.
Nick: Saints.

TITANS (-9) vs Colts
Figgs: Titans. I've been picking the Colts often because I figured they'd get a win soon, but after that game against the Saints I'm starting to think that's less likely.
Joe: Titans; I absolutely can't figure Tennessee out still, but I'll take whoever is playing Indy right now. Is it possible that Peyton wins MVP without taking a snap this year, because it's looking obvious how truly valuable he really was.
Nick: Colts.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

49ERS (-9) vs BROWNS
Figgs: BROWNS. Is San Fran for real? I'm not buying it. No reason we can't win this game. Although The Niners do rock my second favorite uniforms (behind Oakland, if you were wondering).
Joe: Browns; Finally picking an underdog, albeit not out of confidence, simply out of pride.
Nick: Browns.

BRONCOS (+2.5) vs Lions
Figgs: Lions. I'm 100% with Joe on this one. Is this line serious? Of course, whenever a game seems this obvious, Vegas always ends up being right and I always lose, but c'mon, Denver? On a related note, I think I found something I hate more than The Dougie. ($)
Joe: Lions; I think Vegas must be drinking the Tebow KoolAid, because this spread should be no lower than 7. Miami's defense shut Timmy down for 57 minutes last week. Meet Ndomakong Suh. Blowout, and my lock of the week.
Nick: Lions.

Bills (-6) vs Redskins (in Toronto)
Figgs: Jills, I guess. Toughest one on the board for me this week. Both teams seem equally mediocre.
Joe: Bills; Washington is starting to look like the last place team everyone thought they would be. Buffalo coming off a bye should have no problem here.
Nick: Bills. ($)

SEAHAWKS (+1.5) vs Bengals
Figgs: 'Hawks. I've mentioned before how there's always a game each week that is just pathetic, and they seem to typically involve the Bungles. Are they gonna play anyone good this year?
Joe: Bengals; If Whitehurst plays, this is a lock. If Jackson plays, I'll still take my chances. Seattle lost to us 6-3. Period.
Nick: Bengals.

STEELERS (+3) vs Patriots
Figgs: Pats. Watching Pittsburgh lose is one of my favorite things to do. ($)
Joe: Patriots; Not confident at all here, but I'm sticking to my pick against Pittsburgh no matter what mentality simply out of principle.
Nick: Pats. Alright Tom, let's do this. ($)

Sunday Night Football

EAGLES (-3) vs Cowboys
Figgs: Philly. After last week's debacle, thankfully we're back to a primetime game that I'm really interested. Could see it going either way, but I'll go with the Eagles at home.
Joe: Cowboys; Finally, an underdog that I feel comfortable taking. I'll go even bolder and say Dallas wins outright and on top of that, they will win the NFC East.
Nick: Cowboys.

Monday Night Football

CHIEVES (+3.5) vs Chargers
Figgs: SD. Looks like I spoke too soon about those primetime games. While you're right, Joe, KC is not one of those good teams. ($)
Joe: Chiefs; San Diego has proven nothing this year. 4 wins vs. bad teams and 2 losses vs. good teams. KC has quietly won 3 straight. They still suck, but this has a typical Charger underachiever game written all over it.
Nick: Chiefs. ($)


Andy said...

I don't see what the problem with the Dougie is, honestly. I find it amusing.

Like to see the pro-Browns and anti-steeler sentiment here from the brothers.

Figgs, I think you've inspired an NFL jersey ranking post from me.

Nick, it's an hour before kickoff, and awesome picks and analysis as always.

Andy said...

Nick in Week 3: "Nick: KC is the worst team in football."

Five weeks later he's winning some loot on the 4-3 Chiefs. I'll give him some credit for being adaptable.

I'll also keep picking on him for his chronically late picks.

Figgs said...

That KC game was bullshit. I've never seen a semi-talented team like SD make so many avoidable mistakes. I'm rooting against them every game the rest of the year.