Thursday, October 13

NFL Picks: Week 6

After making a push for the top spot in our 2010 picks, I'm back to where I was the first two years we did this - sucking hard. It's not only hurting my pride, it's also hurting my wallet, as my $ picks have been off this year as well (although I've had two different games where a player was tackled at the one-yard line in the closing seconds where a TD would have given me a cover). Anyway, Joe's big week pulls him within one game of Allburn - those two appear to be headed for a close race all year. The Browns are back on the schedule this week, where I'm sure they'll find some excruciating way to lose, but I did miss watching them last week.

Last Week
Joe: 8-4-1
Nick: 6-6-1
Figgs: 5-7-1

Figgs' $ Picks: 1-2
Nick's $ Picks: 2-1

Current Standings
Nick: 41-31-4
Joe: 40-32-4
Figgs: 34-38-4

Figgs' $ Picks: 4-6-1
Nick's $ Picks: 14-6-3

Sunday, 1 pm kickoff

PACKERS (-15) vs Rams
Figgs: Pack. That's a lot of points, but GB is a lot of good, and STL is a lot of suck.
Joe: Packers; What he said^
Nick: Pack. Lots of points, but hard to see the Rams hanging in.

STEELERS (-12.5) vs Jaguars
Figgs: Jax. I've been gaining game's on these two by picking shitsburgh this year, but I like the Cats to keep this closer.
Joe: Jags; I guess. They're still banged up and still overrated, so I can't give this many points, even against a bad team.
Nick: Steelers. Feels like their typical 35-7 game against a lousy team.

REDSKINS (+1.5) vs Eagles
Figgs: Philly. It doesn't seem to make sense to me why Vegas still loves the Eagles, yet I stupidly keep picking them. The bookies know what they're doing.
Joe: Eagles; reluctantly. They may completely tank the season, but if they have any heart or fight in them at all, this is the week they have to show it, or else it will be too late.
Nick: Skins. Going to fade the Eagles till I have a reason not to.

LIONS (-4) vs 49ers
Figgs: Lions. They burned me the last two weeks. I'm officially on board. (note to Joe/Nick - pick SanFran. If I'm on board, that means it's time to get off.) (haha "get off")
Joe: Lions; Tough one. Going against the 49ers has burned me this year, but going with the Lions has helped me, so something's got to give for me in this one. I'll stick with the team that Megatron plays for(9 TD catches in 5 games! Look out Randy Moss' record of 23 in a season).
Nick: Niners. Monday night hangover + overrated.

FALCONS (-4) vs Panthers
Figgs: Carolina. I'm so over the ATL.
Joe: Panthers; Unbeaten vs. the spread. I look for this to finally be the week they take that step to not only cover, but actually win one of these close games.
Nick: Panthers. See: Eagles. ($ +9.5)

BENGALS (-7) vs Colts
Figgs: Indy. It looked like I was going to be right about the Colts finally getting that W last week, then they collapsed in the 4th quarter. Maybe they get it this week. ($ - straight up)
Joe: Colts; I got over thinking the Bengals suck and I wanted to take them here, but not giving a full TD. Less than 7, sure. But giving 7, I'll take my chances with the Colts getting those points.
Nick: Colts. Too many points.

GIANTS (-3) vs Bills
Figgs: Jills. NYG showed last week that they really are who we thought they were.
Joe: Giants; Just because they are so unpredictable, as I said last week. They lose when you expect them to win, so now that everyone is jumping off their bandwagon, I look for an inspired perfomance against a quality Bills team this week.
Nick: Bills. Remind me why the Giants are favored here.

Sunday, 4 pm kickoff

RAIDERS (-6.5) vs Browns
Figgs: Browns. Why not? We were banged up and really needed that bye week. Can't let McFadden bust the big one. BEER WE GO BROWNIES!!
Joe: Raiders
Nick: Raiders. No comment.

RAVENS (-7.5) vs Texans
Figgs: ratbirds. That half point really scares me, but Houston just looks lost without Johnson.
Joe: Texans; This spread seems really high. Houston is still a playoff team(right?), so I'll gladly take those points.
Nick: Ravens. Houston is too banged up.

PATRIOTS (-6.5) vs Cowboys
Figgs: Pats. That half point is really helpful. Don't see NE losing this game.
Joe: Cowboys; I switched this from originally taking the Pats. I just think their defense is very vulnerable and has to catch up with them at some point. Romo and the other banged up Pokes had a bye week to recover and should be able to exploit some of these weaknesses.
Nick: Pats. I need a td to think about Dallas.

BUCS (+4.5) vs Saints
Figgs: NO. I've been really hesitant will all of these 4:00 games. Really don't feel great about any of them. TB just looked awful last week though, and while the Saints didn't look great, they're simply a better team.
Joe: Saints; Jason, they didn't look great only because they ran into a freight train named Cam. The Saints could win this one huge, but even if TB keeps it close, I still think they don't keep it closer than a TD.
Nick: Saints. The Bucs are not good.

Sunday Night Football

BEARS (-3) vs Vikings
Figgs: Vikes. The Bears really pissed me off last week. Their O-line looked like one of the worst in football, and no one on their defense seemed to be able to tackle. I like Minny to keep their momentum from last week going.
Joe: Bears; Megatron will tend to make defenses look bad. I don't like either one of these teams, but if I have to pick one, I'll go with the home team. Urlacher still has some pride and wants to bounce back from last week.
Nick: Vikes. ($ straight up)

Monday Night Football

JETS (-7) vs Dolphins
Figgs: Jets. If anyone could possibly be worse than chad henne, it's whoever is chad henne's backup. ($)
Joe: Dolphins; Horrendous MNF games the next several weeks. I'll take the Fish here only because they play everyone close and I think the Jets are simply mediocre this year. (I hear their QB can surf with the best of them though, so he's go that going for him).
Nick: Jets. Matt. Fucking. Moore.

Figgs teaser: Patriots (Pk)/Saints (+1.5)/Jets (Pk)
Nick's teaser: Steelers -6, Ravens -1, Saints -0.5, Jets -0.5.


Andy said...

No Nick picks, 1:15 pm on Sunday. There HAS to be some kind of a penalty for that.

Andy said...

Nick took a 2-5 in the early games despite posting midway through the first quarter. Hey, maybe you should wait until after the first half next week, feel the games out a bit more :)