Friday, September 16

NFL Picks: Week 2

Last Week

Nick: 9-5-1
Figgs: 8-6-1
Joe: 8-6-1

Figgs' $ Picks: 0-2
Nick's $ Picks: 1-1-1

Sunday games

Browns (-1.5) vs COLTS
Figgs: Browns. I can't believe we're getting points in Indy. Let's get to .500 boys!
Joe: Colts; It's been one week and after last week's loss, I've lost the faith. Hopefully you prove me wrong boys.
Nick: Browns. No doubt in my mind.

SAINTS (-6.5) vs Bears
Figgs: Bears. By far the game I was most surprised about last week was Chi-town stomping Atlanta. I doubt they do it again in New Orleans, but I think they can keep this game close.
Joe: Saints; I was also surprised by the Bears last week. The Saints lost to the best team in football last week and I think they rebound nicely this week.
Nick: Bears. I'm not sold on the Saints' ability to slow down opposing offenses.

LIONS (-9) vs Chiefs
Figgs: KC. I cannot give 9 points to take Detroit. Against anyone. Ever.
Joe: Lions; I was gonna agree with Jason, but I think KC is pretty bad and there is no reason Stafford and MegaTron cant do what Ryan Fitzpatrick did last week.
Nick: Lions. I'm seeing a big regression from KC this year.

JETS (-9) vs Jaguars
Figgs: Jets. I could see Jax sliding in with a late score to cover, but I could also see NYJ winning 30-7.
Joe: Jets; My eliminator pool pick this week. Luke McCown vs. that defense? Jets...BIG!
Nick: Jets. Nine is a little high, but the Jets are good at stuffing the run, not rushing the passer. The Jags are a one-trick pony that only can run the ball.

BILLS (-3) vs Raiders
Figgs: Jills. Buffalo also surprised me with an impressive performance last week. Unfortunately for the Raiders, Janikowski is only on the field for about 3-5 plays a game.
Joe: Bills; Oakland crushed their entire division last year also, but couldn't beat anyone else. This continues this week.
Nick: Billskis. Three is an attractive number against a very mediocre Raiders team that's travelling to the East Coast. ($)

REDSKINS (-3.5) vs Cardinals
Figgs: Skins. You guys nailed the Washington game last week, I don't know why I didn't see through the G-Men as well. Sexy Rexy looks tough.
Joe: Redskins; I was ready to take the Cards until I remembered how awful they are when traveling east to play 1:00 games. Give me Washington and you can take those points.
Nick: Skins. Arizona has one of the worst defenses in the game, and Washington might not be that bad.

TITANS (+6) vs Ravens
Figgs: Ravens. Ray Rice will be over the century mark by halftime.
Joe: Ravens; They beat Pittsburgh by 4 TD's. I like their chances of beating an awful Titans team by only 1 TD.
Nick: Titans. Baltimore is prime for a letdown after last week, and I think the Titans are scrappy enough to keep it within six.

shitsburgh (-14) vs Seahawks
Figgs: Seattle. The Steelers probably cover this, but it should be close (the 14 points, not the actual game). If it could go either way, might as well go against those assholes.
Joe: Steelers; Could be like a 38-6 type game. Big Ben still rapes chicks though. People don't forget, dude.
Nick: Steelers. Pittsburgh's going to cruise in this one. ($ -12)

PANTHERS (+10) vs Packers
Figgs: Pack. I'm taking two road teams to cover big spreads, and I couldn't be more confident. Ravens/Packers has a nice teaser ring to it this week.
Joe: Packers; I totally drank the entire punch bowl of Cam Newtons' KoolAid after last week (see my fantasy team), but I had to talk myself out of taking them here. Green Bay is the class of the NFL.
Nick: Go Pack go!

VIKINGS (-3) VS Bucs
Figgs: Bucs. Toughest game on the board for me this week. I assume McNabb will crack 40 yards passing this week, but maybe not by much.
Joe: Bucs; They disappointed me last week, but I do think Detroit is improved. If they can kick touchbacks and not let Harvin beat them, they should cover this spread.
Nick: Bucs. I want to pull the trigger on a bet here because Donovan sucks, but I'm a little worried about Peterson going crazy on a bad Tampa run defense.

49ERS (+3) vs Cowboys
Figgs: Cowboys. They won't choke this one away. ($)
Joe: Cowboys; Should have had the outright win last week. They should have no problem getting it this week.
Nick: Cowboys. The loss last week has left the Boys undervalued. ($)

DOLPHINS (+3) vs Texans
Figgs: Texans. Another tough call. Since they're favored on the road, is it safe to assume Foster will be playing?
Joe: Texans; With how bad Indy looked last week, it would be atrocious if the Texans don't finally get over the hump this year in arguably the worst division in football. It's time to back it up boys.
Nick: Texans. Houston can prove a lot by going out and grabbing a road win here. ($ +2.5)

PATRIOTS (-6.5) vs Chargers
Figgs: Chargers. SD is good enough to keep this within a touchdown.
Joe: Chargers; I don't feel good about this pick at all, but since I wouldn't be surprised if either team wins this game, I might as well take the team getting the points.
Nick: Chargers. Six and a half is too much.

BRONCOS (-3.5) vs Bengals
Figgs: Denver. Ick, what a gross game.
Joe: Broncos; Terrible game, but it is inconceivable to me that Cincy could start 2-0, so I'll go against that happening and take the Broncos.
Nick: Donks, but I don't love it. ($ -1)

FALCONS (+2) vs Eagles
Figgs: Philly. This may be the first time I picked against Atlanta in four years. They really disappointed me last week.
Joe: Eagles; With Vick, McCoy, Jackson and Maclin, tell me this team isn't built more for a dome than for playing in bad weather eastern PA. They rolled in a dome last week, I think this one is close, but their only giving 2, so I'll gladly give the 2.
Nick: Iggles. The Falcons should probably be favored at home, but I just don't see Vick losing a prime time return to Atlanta.

Monday Night Football

GIANTS (-6) vs Rams
Figgs: Rams. Pretty weak Monday Nighter. NYG made me look like a fool last week. Not again.
Joe: Giants; I still think they are gonna be a potential double digit loss team this year, but the Rams are already really banged up, so I'll take the G-men at home by a TD.
Nick: Rams. The G-men don't look so good this year.

Additional Figgs $ teaser - Baltimore (+0.5)/Green Bay (-4)/NY Jets (-2.5)

Nick's $ teaser --- Packers (pick), Jets (+1), Lions (+2.5)

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