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NFL Picks: Week 1

Gentlemen, the NFL is back. Let me repeat that, this time in all CAPS with a few exclamation points to reiterate how exciting this is - THE NFL IS BACK!!!! Figgs here, I'll be taking over this season. I don't know where Andy took his lines from, but these will come from This season, we welcome a new member to the fore(st)cast, my brother Joe. (You guys see what I did there with the word forecast?) Let's get pickin!

Sunday games

BROWNS (-6.5) VS Bengals
Figgs: I will be atending my third straight home opener in this one, and expect to see Danny and company roll. BEER WE GO BROWNIES!!
Joe: Browns; Going with my heart here. Andy Dalton in his 1st NFL start against an improved Browns team on the road, I like our chances.
Nick: Browns. This feels like a lot of point for a Browns team that hasn't really proven anything, but I also think that the Bengals suck. Let's go! Let's go, let's go!

RAVENS (-1.5) vs shitsburgh
Figgs: Eh, ratbirds I guess. What a stupid game this is each year. At least one of them has to lose.
Joe: Steelers; Usually I go the other way when these two play, and usually I'm wrong. Ben is 7-3 lifetime vs. Flacco and this game should be no different.
Nick: Steelers. I actually feel pretty strongly about this one. The Ravens' defense feels vulnerable to me, and I don't think Joe Flacco's good enough to take them to the next level, Lee Evans or no.

BUCCANEERS (-1.5) vs Lions
Figgs: Lions. I don't know if I'm on the Detroit bandwagon as much as everyone else, but I don't think Tampa will be as good this year.
Joe: Bucs; Detroit will be improved, but I figure to an 8-8 level. I look for Tampa to challenge Dallas for the final playoff spot in the NFC, so no reason to pick against them at home in this one.
Nick: Bucs. Tampa and KC seem like the winning teams poised to take a step back this year. Still, Tampa should at least be giving three at home here, right?

BEARS (+2.5) vs Falcons
Figgs: ATL. I really like the Falcons this year. I have no idea on the Bears, but I doubt they're very good.
Joe: Falcons; I think the Bears will take a big step back this year, and Ryan and company give less than a field goal...I'll give those points.
Nick: Falcons. I just don't believe in the Bears.

CHIEFS (-6) vs Bills
Figgs: Buffalo. The Jills are really bad, but KC isn't great either, and I could see them keeping it close.
Joe: Bills; I look for a 13-10 game either way and wouldn't be at all surprised if Buffalo gets the outright win.
Nick: Bills. Buffalo is one of those teams that was really scrappy on the road last year, and I think they can hang with the Chiefs.

TEXANS (-9) vs Colts
Figgs: Indy. I know Peyton IS the Colts, but 9? Seems a bit high.
Joe: Colts; Someone wake me up when the Texans actually live up to their preseason hype that they get every single year.
Nick: Texans. This line should be double-digits.

RAMS (+4) vs Eagles
Figgs: Philly. I feel like these teams are the two of the surest bets to make the playoffs in the NFC (along with GB). The Eagles because they're really good and the Rams because they play in the West.
Joe: Eagles; I don't know if they're actually the Dream Team, but they are good enough to beat a mediocre Rams team by more than 4.
Nick: Eagles. Damn, I really want to take the Rams here. But 4 feels a little low, especially because I think the Rams will take some time to gel on offense.

JAGS (-2.5) vs Titans
Figgs: Titans. Luke McCown? Really? ($)
Joe: Titans; Matt Hasselbeck > Luke McCown.
Nick: Titans. My favorite game on the board. The Titans will be .500-ish, and the Jagoffs will be among the league's dregs. ($ +2)

REDSKINS (+3) vs Giants
Figgs: G-Men. Rex Grossman? Really? If they were playing anyone else, I might give Washington some extra points for emotional lift on Sept. 11, buuut they're playing a team from New York. ($)
Joe: Redskins; I'll probably regret picking such a bad team, but I think the Giants are really gonna struggle this year and are not good enough to give points to anyone on the road.
Nick: Skins. I don't think the Giants are going to be very good this year. I'm not sure that the Skins are going to be any better, but I'll take the 3 at home here just on general principle. Figgs, this feels like a sucker bet to me.

CARDINALS (-7) vs Panthers
Figgs: Ugh. What an ugly game. I would never touch this game with real money. Cards, I guess.
Joe: Cardinals; I don't like giving a full TD, but I am buying Kevin Kolb, thus I'll give those points against a rookie making his first start on the road.
Nick: Cards. I think the Cards offense could put up some decent numbers this year, and as long as the Cards can slow down Williams and Stewars they will cruise.

49ERS (-5.5) vs Seahawks
Figgs: Niners. Week 1 games are really tough to pick. Who even plays for these teams?
Joe: 49ers; Two bad QBs but I like San Frans weapons better than Seattles. I guess.
Nick: Niners. I need more than a TD to endorse Tarvaris.

CHARGERS (-9) Vikings
Figgs: Vikes. I'll buy another SD slow start.
Joe: Vikings; (See my Texans comment and insert Chargers).
Nick: Vikes. Too. Many. Points. Strong candidate for the Backdoor Cover of the Week.

JETS (-5) vs Cowboys
Figgs: Jets. This isn't quite the emotional lift that New Orleans got for the MNF game after Katrina, but it's close.
Joe: Cowboys; I think the Jets win, but I don't like giving more than a field goal in this one so I'll take those points.
Nick: Cowboys. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets take a step back this year, and if the Cowboys can just be average on defense they're a Super Bowl contender.

Monday Night Footballs

DOLPHINS (+7) vs Patriots
Figgs: Pats. They both offer QBs from that school up north. The difference - one of them is good.
Joe: Patriots; They still have Brady and Bellichek. Miami still doesnt.
Nick: Pats. Miami's over/under for total wins was 7.5 (!) and I expect they will only get 4-5. ($ -7)

BRONCOS (-3) vs Raiders
Figgs: Denver. I repeat, Week 1 games are really tough to pick.
Joe: Broncos; I really have no feel for this one. I guess I'll take whoever the home team is.

Additional $ game for Nick: Tease Pats (-1) and Steelers (+8.5)

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