Saturday, August 27


I thought Id break up Figg's article's on the Buckeye's to show reader's this fine piece of sport's apparel designed for fan's of the michigan wolverine's. Lets go indeed! Its one of the more excellent um t-shirt's I've seen in some time, even besting those super-awesome "big house" thing's some of your cooler michigan fan's ware.

Of course, if you actually bought this t-shirt, the missing apostrophe should be the least of your concerns, especially because none of your co-fans will likely have the acumen to call you out on it. The fact that you actually like michigan "football" is a far more serious and systematic problem that you need to address, probably sooner rather than later.

But until then, by all means, enjoy the shirt, and Beat Ohio! Because we know the state of Ohio only has one FBS football program. OK, fine, it actually has eight. But only the Buckeyes have beaten you guys in recent seasons.

Except that one other team in 2008.

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