Monday, August 15

When in doubt...michigan sucks

Anyone even peipherally associated with or interested in this sports weblog, or "blog," knows that Ohio State University's football team has absolutely dominated the unit representing the university of michigan over the past decade. Ohio State's legal troubles notwithstanding, it remains a fact that the wolverines (which I recently discovered are a member of the weasel family) haven't toppled the Buckeyes in The Game since 2003. That's seven straight for those of you from michigan. In fact, the yearly contest has become something of a formality, with OSU posting easy wins in each of the past three seasons.

I certainly don't think the final outcome is going to change this year, but the departure of Jim Tressel from Columbus and arrival of Brady Hoke in ann arbor may level the playing field a bit. As much as I enjoyed watching the hapless LLLLoyd Carr and ├╝ber-douche Rich Rodriguez tarnish the wolverine legacy, the game will likely become more interesting with a more legitimate guy in charge of the yellow and blue. Much as Jim Tressel immediately put the focus of his tenure on beating the school up north (and delivering 9 wins in 10 tries), Hoke is trying to put his stamp on college football's greatest rivalry as well.

Of course, being from michigan, he's going about it in a dim-bulb fashion. Look at one of the signs posted around um's campus:

Hoke's concept is to not acknowledge the "THE," "State," "University," or "Buckeyes" part of OSU's name - I guess he's trying to go for something like how we call them the "school up north"? It's totally lame though, inasmuch as we actually have an Ohio University. Are we to believe that Hoke has his sights set on the mighty Bobcats?

I kid, I kid. I know Hoke is gunning for the archrival Buckeyes, and I also know he's new to this, so I'm going to go ahead and help him out with sign design.

Much better.


NSA said...

I know OSU has just been through an embarassing/major scandal (depending on your perspective), but it's so hard to take these clowns seriously.

Figgs said...

There are a lot of question marks for the Buckeyes heading into this season, but one thing is for damn certain...we will beat that piss out of these bitches like always.