Tuesday, July 19

Browns Sporcles!

With literally nothing going on with regards to the Cleveland Browns until August, and flat-out nothing happening on FCF, I thought now was an ideal time to tide sports fans over with a collection of Cleveland Browns-themed Sporcle quizzes. Good luck!

Can you name the Cleveland Browns starting QBs since 1999?
I missed one, and I suspect I'll be the only member of the site who does so.

Can you name the Cleveland Browns Draft Picks since 1999?
I sure can't. I only put up 44 in this one. Drafts are not my bag, baby. Warning: taking this quiz might make you depressed.

Can you name the Cleveland Browns head coaches?
I posted an 11/15. Can you believe we've had THREE interim coaches?

Can you name the Cleveland Browns in the Hall of Fame?
9/16. Do I even follow this team?

Can you name the Players who 'contributed' in 2010 for the Browns?
A more recent one for you. I got 71/101. Strangely, there are a few guys on that list of whom I've never heard.

Can you name the Cleveland Browns who wore each uniform number for the most regular-season games?
Wow. Just wow. I guarantee you get fewer of these than you expect.

Can you name the career leaders for the Cleveland Browns in the following categories?
A good one to finish up on - I got 55 of these.

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Figgs said...

I knew I wasn't a great historian on my favorite teams, but my performance here was pretty pathetic.

Starting QBs - 15/16
Ken Dorsey started games for us? I must have blocked that out.

Draft - 40/91
I did even worse than Andy. Wow we drafted some awful players.

Coaches - 8/15
I got the obvious ones. Sam Rutigliano was the only one I may have gotten, no clue on the others.

HOF - 7/16
Apparently I don't follow this team either.

2010 contributors - 75/101
I had to beat Andy on one of these. It's funny that I got special teamers like Costanzo and Trusnick and forgot some obvious ones (Marcus Bernard led our team in sacks?)

#'s - 28/99
Yikes. I'm really bad at remembering players' numbers, so I basically just spent 10 minutes guessing famous Browns. I guess I didn't get very far. Good to see guys like Lawrence Vickers and Pio Sagapolutele make the cut. Pio was a little before my time, but I remember crazy Uncle Dave always referring to him as Pio "sack-a-potatoes."

Leaders - 45/70
Pretty decent, I suppose. Other than Matt Bahr, I didn't feel bad missing any of the ones I did.