Tuesday, May 24

Francis in the house

I was fortunate enough to attend the Indians' 3-2 win over the Red Socks last night at Progressive Field, and even got myself on Sportscenter's highlights from the game.. Check me out:

It's right at the beginning of the clip, when Carl Crawford hits a home run to put the Red Socks up 2-1. I'm standing in the front row in the right field seats, wearing a white shirt and Tribe hat, a few seats left (as you view it) from where the ball lands. I stand there unimpressed with my hands in my pockets - why should I care about Carl Crawford's stupid home run? I'm quite pleased by my performance here. Nice catch by the fan, though - I acknowledged that, if not Crawford's meaningless poke.

Speaking of people in my section, this Red Sock "fan" lady two seats to my left was really wearying. Just a total poser fan, no knowledge of the game whatsoever, annoying as all get-out. You really shouldn't bring that sort of fake game into an opposing stadium. She would chirp happily pretty much every time the Red Socks put one in play (or, on many occasions, foul out of play) and several times initially cheered a batted ball that turned into a couple of Red Sock outs. I moved seats by the end of the game to escape the rain - I wish I could have heard her initially cheer for Crawford's GEGIDP, then see its beautiful conclusion. I wish I could also have seen Red Sock fan @mushb0ne (who spent much of the game on Twitter directly and bitterly accusing Asdrubal Cabrera of using PED's without any evidence whatsoever) pout after the loss.

Last night was a great night for the Indians for several reasons. Not just because we improved to a mind-boggling 30-15 on the year (the Indians in 2010 lost 47 games before notching their 30th W) and 19-4 at Progressive Field (after an 0-2 start). But the way they did it, rallying once again, stunning a team who everyone still assumes is the favorite to emerge from the American League in October, was just spectacular. I didn't mind Manny Acta's inspiring antics either - not only was that a bad call at first base, but as Acta explained the confrontation, the umpire's explanation (that Masterson must have missed the base because he tried to go back and touch it again) was weak, a poor way to officiate. Manny denied that his tirade was an effort to inspire the club, but I think we all know better.

As usual, there were a bunch of Red Sock people milling around the ballpark, but unlike some past years, the Indians fans easily outnumbered them. Nothing is more annoying than those games where the Tribe draws 10K to a game and half are rooting for one of those "national teams" that I hate. Hopefully, those days are gone, at least this season. Right before Crawford's fateful ground ball, I looked behind me and saw a guy wandering around with a "Fenway Faithful" t-shirt, not even watching the game. Faithful indeed.

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