Monday, March 21

Tribe Sporcles!

If you're like me, and all three of you kind of are, Tribe Spring Training games are a nice herald of the upcoming season, but aren't always the most exciting things in the world. Also, if you're like me, you're a giant nerd, and thus should LOVE these Indians-related Sporcle quizzes! 11 Days until Opening Day, kiddies.

Indians Opening Day Lineups from 1991-2010
Probably my favorite Indians-related quiz on the board, created by former Mistake by the Lake Sporting Times proprietor Corey Rubin. I posted a 167/200 on this one - perhaps surprisingly, the mid-90's were my weakest spot.

Can you name the Cleveland Indians division-playoff-winning line-up in the film Major League?
If you can get anyone besides the six stars of the film, then color me impressed. Would it have killed them to include the manager?

Can you name the players who went into the hall of fame as Cleveland Indians?
I'm not sure what surprised me more - that I only got 7 of 12, or that I only recognized two of the five I missed? In my defense, I got everyone who played any games post-WWII. I'm looking forward to Thome and Vizquel's admissions to pad my numbers.

Can you name the last 30 Indians to hit 20 homers in a season?
26/30, and the four I missed were quite familiar. Only missed one from 2000 on, though. Confession time: desperate for answers to some recent seasons, I actually typed in "Marte." And no, I didn't read "season" as "career."

Can you name the players to homer for the Cleveland Indians in the 1990s?
I don't want to talk about how I did on this one.

Can you name the Cleveland Indians Award-Winners?
I missed three, and one of them I feel bad about. I'm pretty sure the 1926 MVP is made up.

Can you name the Cleveland Indians All-Stars from 1991 to 2010?
I put up a 53/55 on this one. I think a stronger player (or a two-person team) has a good chance to ace it.

Can you name the Cleveland Indians HR leaders for each year since 1969?
I did pretty well going back to '77 (though the 1990 leader plagued me), then just totally airballed '69-'76. My favorite part is that the leader from 1981 had...wait for it...SEVEN home runs. Hard to believe we didn't win a pennant in 40 years.

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Figgs said...

Man, what a fantastic website. My results...

Opening Day Lineups - 146/200
Also my favorite. I was the opposite of Andy, rocking the mid-90s, getting all but two (Mark Lewis and Kevin Mitchell) from '94-'97. I forgot far too many in the 2000's, most notably Coco Crisp, Ryan Garko, and Ben Broussard. I was very surprised to not see Brian Giles on this list.

Major League Lineup - 6/10
Yeah, not getting those random dudes. Even the movie couldn't get it right, calling them by a different name then was on their jersey's.

Hall Of Fame - 5/12
Who? I need to brush up on my Tribe history I guess.

20 HR's in a season - 25/30
I thought I finally had Andy on this when I had 23 with 12 min left, but just couldn't come up with any more. I was originally pissed that I missed one as recent as '08, but then got over it when I saw it was Kelly Shoppach. Never would have thought of him.

Players that homered in the 90's - 37/82
Wow, this was difficult. There was only a few that I missed that I even recognized, but never would have guessed them. I was impressed however that I picked up the likes of Herbert Perry, Kevin Seitzer, Alvaro Espinoza, and Bip Roberts.

Award Winners - 4/10
I can't come up with these old guys. Only one I may have gotten was Herb Score.

All-Stars since '91 - 54/55
I beat Andy! I had over three minutes left to get the last one, but could not come up with Chuck Finley for the life of me. I was so desperate I even threw Dave Burba's name out there.

HR Leaders each year - 25/44
I got every one from '86 on, none '85 or before.