Wednesday, February 9

Cavs Sporcles!

For reasons unbeknownst even to me, the one person with mostly full access to the inner workings of my brain, I'm planning on watching the Cavs take on the Grizzlies this evening. Yes, the same Cavs who are currently riding a 22-game losing streak. Did I mention I'm going to the bar for this?

However, I understand that this may not be in the cards for a lot of you - at this point, I'm not sure I could even legitimately label someone a fair-weather fan for not making Los Caballeros appointment TV, because this is a fucking sports blizzard ten times worse than the one that just owned the Midwest (yet mostly spared Cleveland; suck it, Forbes). So, for some fun sports diversion that doesn't include watching an opponent blow by a Cavalier defender for an easy lay-in, here are some fun Cavaliers-related quizzes from

Editor's note: holy shit, we're up 26-24!
Editor's note the following day: Damnit.

Can you name the teams of the Big Four U.S. Sports?
Not strictly Cavaliers-related, but a good mental exercise and kickoff quiz. The time pressure on this may get to you. I took this one time and got every one except for Columbus Blue Jackets. I'm a fucking idiot.

Can you name the Top ten most tortured Cleveland sports moments (according to ESPN in 2004)?
Anyone who bothers to read FCF should nail this one, a recap of Cleveland sports' most (in)famous moments. I wanted to keep them fresh in your mind - we might not make a playoff appearance for a while, so you won't get to see that goddamn montage that every network shows every fucking time a Cleveland team reaches the postseason.

Can you name the Cavaliers' retired numbers?
Six retired numbers. No championships. Cavaliers basketball.

Can you name the Cleveland Cavs game 1 starters 1990-2009?
Let's just say there was one Cavalier point guard during the #23 era who I missed, and Nick can't be too impressed by that omission.

Can you name the Top 25 Point Scorers in Cleveland Cavs History?
I like the wine-and-gold coloring of this one. I got everyone in the first column at least. Is there some reason why we can't go through the Cavs' record books and award all of #23's points to Austin Carr? Would anyone oppose this?

Can you name the players who played at least one game for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2000s?
I don't recommend subjecting yourself to this quiz, but take a look: did we really use 23 different players in 2007-08? Wow. I got Kaniel Dickens, though.

Can you name the Cleveland Cavaliers Playoff Series?
This is a layup, pardon my pun. I think FCF readers could tell you the result of each series to boot.

Can you name the Cleveland Cavaliers 1st Round Draft Picks?
Any interest in seeing why we're such a lousy franchise? It's right here.

Can you name the Cavaliers all-time leaders?
You can get 22/34 just by entering two names. Gets harder after that.

Can you name the Cavaliers' scoring leader per season?
I only missed four here and got them all from 1982 on - I'll take it. I bet these are harder for franchises with actual history!

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Figgs said...

I did far worse than I should have. My results...

Sports Teams - 99/122
I got all but two from the NFL/MLB/NBA, missing the Nets and some how the Pirates, then I just ran out of time with the NHL.

Memorable Moments - 8/10
I missed the two NBA ones that weren't The Shot.

Retired #s - 6/6
I got one!

Starters from '90 on - 78/100
I was surprised to not see Steve Kerr on this list. It is funny to see some of the ridiculous guys we had on the team. Andrew Declerq? Lucious Harris? Really?

Top Scorers - 19/25

Playoff Series - 11/11
I got another one!

Top Picks - 18/37
By far my worst %. Carr, Russell and Daugherty were the only ones I picked up pre-1989. I thought the most interesting one on this list was Charles Oakley, I had no idea he was a Cav.

All-time Leaders - 27/34
I didn't get much after those two names.

PPG Leaders - 33/40
I missed two from 1982 on, Ron Harper in '87 and Flip in '02.

That website is glorious, by the way. Andy, I blame you now for everything I put off in the coming years because I'm doing those quizes.