Saturday, January 15

Just more anti-steeler sentiment

Editor's note: the steelers and ravens are playing right now and I'm not watching. I'm a big NFL fan, but my contempt for these two organizations completely eliminates any desire I might have had to tune in.

I was watching the local news this morning as I waited for my car to be evaluated and saw a teaser for an upcoming story on a kid "kicked out of school for wearing a steelers jersey." I had two immediate thoughts:

1) Where is this place, and can I move there?
2) There has to be more to this than what they're telling us.

Turns out it was in Washington state, near Seattle, and there was indeed much more to the story.

First, they interviewed the fat kid (of course he's a fat kid - I already told you he was a steeler fan) to find out what happened, while showing footage of their horrible house festooned in various black and yellow knickknacks. I hope someone called Child Services. The kid wore his hideous black and yellow to school on that fateful day because his Dad (who sounds like a real genius) said he could, and according to the youngster, school officials threatened him in-school suspension and then sent him home. If you have any familiarity with kids or Pittsburgh steelers fans, you're naturally skeptical of this tale.

It turns out the school had a Support the Seahawks day prior to the Sea Chickens' meeting with the Saints last week. Students could wear Seahawks colors, or the colors of the school, or, I'm assuming, normal clothes if they so chose. You'll note that "wear steelers jersey" wasn't one of the options the school offered. The exercise wasn't "wear anything football-related," it was wear Seahawks stuff, school colors, or normal clothes. In fact, almost anything except a steeler jersey would have been OK.

School administrators say there was never any talk of ISS, and offered Chubby a new change of clothes before sending him home. Of course, the story still gets spun as "sent home for wearing a steelers jersey" rather than the truth, which was "sent home for not following the rules," and the kid and his family get to posture like innocent victims. Whatever. Of course, how could you expect someone whose role models include the steelers who wear numbers 7 and 92 to have any concept of adhering to rules?

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