Sunday, January 30

I'm still here

for the first time since we launched this blog over three years ago, I don't really have anything interesting to say about Cleveland or Ohio sports. No news, no angles, just...blah. Thus, one sentence about each of the going concerns in our sports world.

Yes, the Buckeye hoopsters are 21-0, and that's fun, but let's face it, no one cares about NCAA basketball until the Tournament starts.

It's brutal watching the Cavs give up easy baskets on pretty much every possession, but tickets are cheap and Christian Eyenga is entertaining.

Nothing about the Browns' Pat Shurmur hire makes me especially optimistic, Joe Thomas didn't deserve to be named an All-Pro this season, and I am sick and tired beyond belief of seeing our rivals appear in the Super Bowl.

Book another few years of wins for the Buckeye gridiron squad over a re-rebuilding "program" from a school up north.

Go Tribe!

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