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NFL Picks: Week 9

Hey, now that was a good week for our team of Experts! And yes, we're experts - if CBS can call Shannon Sharpe that, then we can claim the title as well. It's not like the guys on TV really know all that much more than avid fans like us anyway - I can wear a suit and speak in platitudes too. FCF notched a collective 19 games above .500, clocking in at 65% for the week, plus the steelers got beat, so all in all a good time. Figgs was a paltry 3-1 in his money picks, dragging his season average down to just 77%. Step it up, man.

In more positive news, the Browns are back in action for Week 9 - in a less exciting development, they have to face the owner of the league's best record in the New England Patriots.

Last Week
Andy: 8-5
Figgs: 9-4
Nick: 9-4
Bucko: 9-4
Gopo: 7-6

Nick's Money Picks ($): 3-2
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 3-1

Andy: 60-52-5
Figgs: 60-52-5
Gopo: 57-55-5
Bucko: 55-57-5
Nick: 55-57-5
Andy is listed first because he edits this post.
Nick is listed last because he picked the steelers.

Nick's Money Picks ($): 15-18-3
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 17-5-2 (!)

Bye week: Titans, Broncos, Rams, 49ers, Redskins, Jaguars

Sunday games
1 pm kickoff

BROWNS (+5) vs Patriots
Andy: BROWNS. Thought we'd be getting 6, but who cares? We're winning this one!
Figgs: Pats. I'm in a tie for first, I gotta go with my head. Hey, at least I'm not betting on it.
Nick: Browns. Don't get caught up in thinking about winning or losing this game. If we put our effort and concentration into playing to our potential - to be the best that we can be - I don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game. In my book we're gonna be winners. OKAY? (Slow clap.)
Bucko: Patriots. It will be a good game, but I need another point here before I can pick the Brown. Maybe next week Andy.
Gopo: Patriots. I think the Patriots will be ready for the gimmicks and disciplined enough to win this game by at least a touchdown.

FALCONS (-9) vs Bucs
Andy: Bucs. I think the Falcons are solid, but Tampa Bay's done enough this season to justify me taking them and nine points. Other than Pittsburgh, they have avoided blowouts and even won a few surprises.
Figgs: Bucs. Tampa may actually not be that bad. They should be able to keep this relatively close.
Nick:Falcons. The Bucs are a little like the Rams - I'll ride them at home and/or against bad teams, but they've been blown at twice by two good teams. I count Hotlanta among the best in the NFC, so gimme these Falcons coming off a bye in the Georgia Dome. From the ceilin' to the flo...
Bucko: Bucs. Falcons probably win the game but, I see Blount have a good one again.
Gopo: Bucs. Falcons are really good at home, but the Bucs have been just sneaky enough that 9 points will sway me.

BUFFALOES (+2.5) vs Bears
Andy: Buffaloes. How many games this year do they really have a chance to win? They know they need this one. After two OT losses, they're going to finally get over the hump against a shaky Chicago club.
Figgs: Bears. The Bills should think about scheduling these Canada games against warm weather teams, not someone else that's just as used to the cold as they are.
Nick: Billskis. The Bears are the worst 4-3 team in history, and the Bills are fighting for inches. LET'S GO BUFFALO!
Bucko: Bears. The Bills will get one soon, just not this week.
Gopo: Bills. I'm going out on a limb and calling them the greatest 0-7 team of all time. That's right, I said it.

LIONS (+4) vs Jets
Andy: Lions. Why the hell not? The Jet shutout was amazing to me - they'll score a few points in this one, but I'm rolling Detroit again.
Figgs: Jets. The offense bounces back after being the first team to be shutout this year.
Nick: Jets, although a little tentatively after last week. Still, this line should be around a touchdown, right? Detroit won't stop their running game.
Bucko: Jets. What Figgs said.
Gopo: Jets. Not enough points here for me to take the Lions, but man did the Jets look awful in that last game. How do you get shutout by the Packers D? Half that defense is hurt! I'm thinking bounce back game.

PANTHERS (+7) vs Saints
Andy: Saints. We'll use Figgs' line here, and I will take New Orleans in a revenge game.
Figgs: Saints. I saw this line at NO -7. If it's anywhere around there they should cover.
Nick: Saints. We still haven't seen the '09 Saints yet, but last week was the closest they've come.
Bucko: Saints. Are the panthers even trying?
Gopo: Saints. The Panthers stink - I think they are the worst team in football this year.

RAVENS (-5.5) vs Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins. I think they've got a pretty balanced club and will keep it close if not win at Baltimore. In other news, I hate Baltimore.
Figgs: Ravens.
Nick: Fish. This should be a 3-3.5 pointer. The Dolphins have been better on the road, and frankly I haven't been overly impressed with any of Baltimore's wins anyway.
Bucko: Ravens. Just to piss Andy off.
Gopo: Dolphins. For some reason I'm still not sold on that Ravens team - they could have easily lost a couple of their games (including the Bills game).

TEXANS (+3) vs Chargers
Andy: Chargers. Any admiration I once had for Houston is gone - if Rivers' head is on straight he should throw for 400 against these guys.
Figgs: Texans. I feel this teams are about even talent-wise, so I'll take the home team getting points. ($)
Nick: Texans. Too many injuries for the Bolts.
Bucko: Texans. The Chargers are beat up.
Gopo: Texans. Taking the points for a decent home team? Sign me up. Plus, I think that Houston's left tackle is back and apparently he's the most valuable member of that team.

VIKINGS (-9) vs Cardinals
Andy: Vikings. One of the truly awful lines of the week, but I absolutely cannot take Arizona on the road with DA behind center. Can't.
Figgs: Vikings. If anyone in the league has a worse QB situation than the Vikes right now, it's the one starting Derek Anderson.
Nick: Vikings. Switched this twice and stared at this game for five minutes, but I keep coming back to the fact that the Cards can't score on the road, and that Derek Anderson is their starting quarterback. I wouldn't even bother throwing if I were Minnesota.
Bucko: Vikings. Who cares about Favre. AP will have a big game in this one.
Gopo: Cardinals. I really, really wanted to take the Cardinals here, but I can't see them keeping it close. Ugh. Fuck it, these are my picks - I'm fine with hating Favre and getting the pick wrong. I'm changing it.

4 pm kickoff

SEAHAWKS (+5.5) vs Giants
Andy: Giants. A week after the bye, playing a team that got smacked around in Oakland a week before. I know Seattle is better at home, but not this much better.
Figgs: Giants. Toughest one for me to call this week. Home or not, I just think Seattle is a lousy team.
Nick: Giants. I'll take Seattle at home against a bad-to-decent team, but the Giants' defense is looking good, they're coming off the bye, and they can run the ball. Okung will probably be out against for the Seahawks, too.
Bucko: Giants. The Seahawks have nobody. The Giants D will be awesome.
Gopo: Giants. The best bald QB in the league isn't even playing in this game. Yeah, Seahawks are at home, but I will not back Charlie Whitehurst.

EAGLES (-3) vs Colts
Andy: Eagles, in a Friday night switch. I think they'll come back strong after a bye week.
Figgs: Colts. Whatever the spread is, it seems Philly will be favored, and I like Indy straight up. ($)
Nick: Colts. Not giving points against the Colts when it looks like they're starting roll. That's a bad idea. ($)
Gopo: Colts. I have no idea why the Eagles are favored in this game. If I bet money on football games, I would definitely put coin on this one. Seems like Figgs and Nick are on board.

RAIDERS (-3) vs Chieves
Andy: Raiders. Kept it close the first time in KC, and riding a hot streak they should be able to knock off a KC squad that needed overtime to beat Buffalo at home.
Figgs: KC. Oakland is a decent team, but I'm not sure if they're good enough to be giving points yet.
Nick: Chiefs. Switched this late, but Oakland is beat up.
Bucko: Raiders. They're playing well of recent.
Gopo: Chiefs. I can't trust the Raiders to win a game that they should win. People are starting to think that the Raiders are a decent team - that's exactly when they throw in a giant turd of a game.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 pm

PACKERS (-9) vs Cowboys
Andy: Cowboys. They have to do something right, at some point.
Figgs: Pack. Two words: Kitna, Jon.
Nick: Pack. Green Bay is better, at home in prime time, and still has something to fight for. The 2010 Cowboys are a complete abortion.
Bucko: Packers. I had to change this one. Packers defense looks pretty damn good.
Gopo: Packers. I think the Cowboys suck, and if the Packers employ the same strategy that they did against the Jets (stop the run, make the QB beat you), they'll be fine in this one.

Monday Night Football, 8:20 pm

BENGALS (+4.5) vs steelers
Andy: Bengals. I anticipate that some steeler-loving will unfold when I look at who's picked already and...yep. Fuck it, I kind of want to watch this game, and I can't sit there and half-want the steelers to win. Bucko makes a good point though: why aren't the Bengals better? They will be in this one. Figgs, games look too easy all the time, and yet Vegas keeps building giant casinos...
Figgs: Steelers. Even though I criticized Nick for doing so last week, I'm gonna lay some straight cash homey on this one. It just seems too easy. ($)
Nick: Steelers. Pittsburgh only allows 2.6 YPC and the Bengals' QB is Carson Palmer.
Bucko: Steelers. Why aren't the Bengals better? ($ -4)
Gopo: Steelers. The Bengals aren't any better because Carson Palmer is not a very good QB. I thought everyone knew this, why are people surprised that they are a mediocre team? Palmer puts up all his numbers in garbage time. He's had one good year (2005, maybe two if you count 2009, but he wasn't that good then) and people seem to think he's one of the better QBs in the league. I will never understand this.

Two more money picks for Nick
6-point teaser: Falcons -2.5, Saints -1
6-point teaser: Falcons -2.5, Saints -1, Packers -1.5, Steelers +1.5

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