Thursday, November 18

NFL Picks: Week 11

Not only was the end of the Browns game last Sunday by far the single worst moment of the entire NFL season so far, it was also one of the stupidest covers the league has seen in some time. Seriously, an overtime touchdown by a three-point favorite from 37 yards out with 0:16 on the clock? Ridiculous.

In other NFL news, isn't it sort of ironic how many Steelers have gone down with concussions since they defended a certain linebacker's overly aggressive ways a few weeks back? The NFL apparently does have karma, though none of it ever seems to find its way back to Cleveland.

Here on FCF, we all hovered around .500, thanks to the aforementioned disaster and the Jacksonville hail mary. Nick made a last-minute switch to Jax, giving him the week's margin of victory - he must have known that play was happening. Only five games separate the top and bottom of our standings, and no one's sitting below .500.

Last Week
Andy: 7-7
Figgs: 6-8
Nick: 8-6
Bucko: 7-7
Gopo: 7-7

Nick's Money Picks ($): 2-4
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 2-1

Figgs: 74-64-6
Andy: 73-65-6
Gopo: 71-67-6
Bucko: 70-68-6
Nick: 69-69-6

Nick's Money Picks ($): 21-22-3
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 21-7-2

Thursday, 8:20 pm

DOLPHINS (-1) vs Bears
Andy: Dolphins. Tough schedule so far for the marine mammals. Their losses so far are to New England, AFC New York, pittsburgh, and baltimore. I'm saying Chicago isn't in that category.
Figgs: Fins. I bet on Miami before I realized Ty Thigpen was starting at QB. Then again, at least he didn't go to michigan. ($)
Nick: Fish. I'm going to keep going against the Bears. Either I'm going down or they are.
Bucko: Da Bears. I gave Andy a text earlier on Thursday with my pick. Andy's note: it said: "Da Bears"
Gopo: Bears. In Thigpen I don't believe. I've been getting screwed picking against the Bears all season, and I'm sure now that I'm picking them they will screw me by losing.

Sunday games
1 pm kickoff

JAGUARS (-1) vs Browns
Andy: Browns. The Browns used to excel at losing highly-winnable games like this - I want to think this is a New Browns.
Figgs: Browns. I absolutely believe we are the better team, we just need to show it. ($)
Nick: Browns. ($)
Bucko: BROWNS!
Gopo: Browns. I'm not sure how the Jags are winning games - think the Browns have the momentum and belief they can beat anyone right now (especially a mediocre team).

BENGALS (-5) vs Buffaloes
Andy: Bengals. Why does everyone hate on Carson Palmer so much here? Did he steal your girlfriend or something? I feel like there are many, many more hateable players in the NFL. Heck, Gopo, it was a hit from your team's player that ruined his knee and possibly his career - have some sympathy!
Figgs: Jills. I'll give Buffalo this, they have a lot of fight in them. That is something I don't think I can say for Cinncy.
Nick: Billskis. I've seen 12 year old girls throw a better football than Carson Palmer with their non-dominant arms.
Bucko: Bengals. Bills can't win two in a row can they? Taking the points and the gals in this one. Andy's note: Bucko, you're actually giving the points.
Gopo: Bills. Carson Palmer is going to have another huge garbage time fantasy day.

COWBOYS (-6.5) vs Lions
Andy: Lions. One of two things is true: either the Cowboys have their confidence back and will start playing well, or they still suck. I'm taking the points, given how adept Detroit has proven themselves at staying within that margin.
Figgs: Boys. Apparently they'll play for Garrett.
Nick: Lions.
Bucko: Lions. The Cowboy thing last week was just a fluke. They were just happy to get fatty out of there.
Gopo: Lions. That's a lot of points for a team that's been pretty bad up until last week. I will keep the faith that the Lions can keep it close.

TITANS (-7) vs Redskins
Andy: Titans. Simply can't take Washington after Monday Night. That was unreal.
Figgs: Titans. After seeing what Philly did to the Skins last week, I could see CJ setting some records in this one.
Nick: Titans. I bet the Skins have a chance to cover, but under no circumstances can I back them here.
Bucko: TIT-ans. The Redskins players seem to be giving up, too much going on in the locker room.
Gopo: Titans. I think the Redskins are just about ready to roll over and die on Shanahan.

CHIEVES (-9) vs Cardinals
Andy: Chieves. I've picked the Cards three times this season and missed every time, and KC is due to bounce back at Arrowhead.
Figgs: Cards. Just too many points.
Nick: Chiefs. KC is really tough at home.
Bucko: Chieves. What Andy said.
Gopo: Cards. Agree with Figgs - too many points on a team that plays pretty sloppy.

VIKINGS (+3) vs Packers
Andy: Vikings. They'll have one of those games like Dallas did last week where they put it together, then quite possibly suck again.
Figgs: Vikes. If Favre has anything left, this is the game he'll show it.
Nick: Packers. Go Pack Go!
Bucko: Packers. My boy is going to have a huge game.
Gopo: Packers. I hope Rodgers demolishes Favre then hooks up with Jenn Sterger after the game.

JETS (-7) vs Texans
Andy: Jets. Houston can't stop anyone, won't want to play outdoors, has an ailing QB, and has to feel like garbage after last week. Gopo, I disagree with calling the Jets "shaky"? Consider: they have the best record in the NFL, the 3rd-best point differential, control the ball (4th in rushing and 5th against the run), and have only lost to Baltimore (6-3) and Green Bay (6-3, and NFL's best +/-). That, my friend, is a stable team.
Figgs: Texans. I really don't know why I keep picking this team.
Nick: Jetropolitans. The Texans blow. Why hasn't everyone figured this out?
Bucko: Jets. Francis brought up some good points. Also, the Jets have a good "D" and the Texans don't have shit on "D".
Gopo: Texans. Too many points for me to take a shaky Jets team - I think the Texans keep it close at the end when their offense starts clicking in the fourth quarter.

STEELERS (-7) vs Raiders
Andy: Raiders. I dunno on this one, so as Figgs says, go against the Steelers. Also, Gopo, your 6-3 team is a "mess"? My goodness, you wouldn't last a month as a Browns fan!
Figgs: Raiders. I'm pretty iffy on this one, so when in doubt...go against the rapists.
Nick: Steelers. I really hope I'm wrong, but I think Pitt throws the ball alright with that super duper corner whose name I can't spell out of commission.
Bucko: Steelers. Just a flip of the coin on this one. I think they will keep the Raiders run game in check.
Gopo: Raiders. The Steelers are a mess and the Raiders actually are a decent team. Hopefully the Steelers win this one, but I think it will be close.

PANTHERS (+10) vs Ravens
Andy: Ravens. I originally wrote Panthers, but there's simply no way I can justify that. And what's with Bucko suddenly turning heel with this pick?
Figgs: Ravens. There is a good chance Baltimore can score 11 points in this game and cover. ($)
Nick: Ratbirds.
Bucko: Ravens. The Panthers just suck like all of you.
Gopo: Ravens. Ravens should be forced to play with all backups and Flacco.

4 pm kickoff

49ERS (-3) vs Bucs
Andy: 49ers. One of the tougher picks here for me. I dunno, the Bucs are kinda good,but not great, and I had been picking relentlessly against San Fran earlier in the year. But Troy Smith seems to have rejuvenated them and so I'll take them at home here.
Figgs: Niners. Let's go Troy Smith!
Nick: Niners in a spot play. Figgs, remember when you formed the "Troy Smith should give back the Heisman" Facebook group? Figgs' note: I stand by it. His performance in that title game was pathetic.
Bucko: 49ERS. Their offense is healthy and playing well.
Gopo: Bucs. I'm not sure the 49ers can convincingly beat anyone, so I'll take the points on this one.

SAINTS (-12) vs Seahawks
Andy: Saints. They're back.
Figgs: Saints. I'm confident with any spread under two touchdowns here.
Nick: Saints. I really want to grab those points, but I'll take my chances with the Saints.
Bucko: Saints. Have I mentioned I hate Pete Carroll?
Gopo: Seahawks. This weeks picks could be awful - not sure why I'm taking a flyer on the 'hawks here, but it definitely has something to do with the fact that 12 points is a lot.

RAMS (+3) vs Falcons
Andy: Falcons. I've enjoyed the Rams this season, I really have. But I think I need to take Atlanta here, only giving three.
Figgs: Falcons. I'm not so sure why this line is so low. Probably to bait me in to losing money. Well Vegas - hook, line, sinker. ($)
Nick: Falcons. The Rams have been great for me this year, but the Falcons are a much better team and they still get to play indoors. ($)
Bucko: Dirty Birds. As every one said, this is too low.
Gopo: Falcons. Rams are pretty legit, but this line is too low for a really quality team like the Falcons.

PATRIOTS (-3.5) vs Colts
Andy: Patriots. Looking forward to this one, no doubt.
Figgs: Pats. This is always the non-AFC North game I look forward to most every year. I don't like NE and I'm neutral on Indy, but there is nothing more impressive than watching these two teams go head-to-head.
Nick: Patriots. The Colts are now in the Pats' league right now with all of these injuries. Try to hide that erection, Bucko.
Bucko: Colts. Peyton will keep it within 3 at least.
Gopo: Patriots. I think the Pats just have it all together this year - fresh off the steamrolling of the Steelers, I see a beat down of the Colts.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 pm

EAGLES (-3) vs Giants
Andy: Eagles. Still in shock after Monday.
Figgs: Philly. This is exactly where I had the spread, so basing this on last week's performance, I'll take the birds.
Nick: Birds. I really want to take the Giants with the points to bounce back, but Philly has won four straight against Big Blue, and that was without Vick. ($)
Bucko: Eagles. Vick looks pretty damn good. Did Paul "Wrecking" Crewe teach him how to throw in the slammer?
Gopo: Eagles. Good line, good game, so I'm going with momentum and the home team.

Monday Night Football, 8:20 pm

CHARGERS (-10) vs Broncos
Andy: Broncos. Ten points?
Figgs: Chargers. Also right where my line was. A few weeks ago I was thinking that the mid-season Charger run might never come. Looks like I was wrong.
Nick: Bolts. This is probably three points too high, but can you see Denver winning this game? I really can't, plus San Diego has been very tough at home against mediocre opponents this year.
Bucko: Broncos. No legit reason just going with the Canton boy in this one.
Gopo: Chargers. They probably pull it together defensively after watching the Broncos put up like 50 points on film from last week.

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