Thursday, November 25

Brandon Jennings: You suck

The Cavaliers got a HUGE win last night, beating the Milwaukee Bucks 83-81 on Mo Williams' buzzer-beating 20-footer. The game-winner came right in the face of Milwaukee's punk second-year guard Brandon Jennings, but neither his up-close-and-personal view of the dagger nor his awful haircut are what led to the title of this post. No, that would be his postgame remarks about the shot.

"It was a lucky shot. That's all I'll say about it - just a lucky shot."

What are you, six? He made a jab step, got a clean shot right over you, and drilled it - nothing at all lucky about that, just a solid basketball play. You got beat fair and square, and it's time to be a sportsman and admit that Williams made a good play. What kind of a little baby calls a shot like that lucky? Pathetic.

You know what's lucky, Brandon Jennings? Anything you throw up that actually goes in the hoop. Ever looked at your own numbers? You're a "career" 37% shooter who managed to vomit up a 1-for-10 day from the field last night. I'd say that one you knocked home was pretty lucky, if anything. Mo Williams, on the other hand, is a career 45% shooter who abused you for 25 points on 11-for-22 shooting. Were the other 10 baskets lucky, too?

BJ, in my experience, there's no such thing as luck.

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Nick said...

Jennings is an awful defender too.