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NFL Picks: Week 7

News flash: picking NFL games is hard! Through six weeks of pro action, the FCF crew is a collective five games below .500, with no one scoring above 53% on the season. Gone, apparently, are the halcyon days of 2008, when Andy rolled to a magical 59-41 start early in the year and cruised to a solid season, or even 2009, when Bucko and Gopo burst on the scene with 54% mini-seasons.

But that's OK! Because the point of this whole exercise is to keep on top of the NFL, have a good time, compete a little bit, hate on the steelers, and above all: make jokes about the other players.

Last Week
Andy: 8-4-2
Figgs: 6-6-2
Nick: 5-7-2
Bucko: 6-6-2
Gopo: 6-6-2

Nick's Money Picks ($): 3-1-2
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 2-0-1

Andy: 44-41-5
Figgs: 44-41-5
Gopo: 42-43-5
Bucko: 40-45-5
Nick: 37-48-5

Nick's Money Picks ($): 8-13-3
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 12-4-2

Bye week: Lions, Colts, Jets, Texans

Sunday games
1 pm kickoff

SAINTS (-13.5) vs Browns
Andy: BROWNS. There are few things I enjoy more about this competition each week than picking the Clevelanders regardless of opponent or spread. Someone will probably write something about how this not being (-14) is a "big half-point," but we're going to win outright, so no it isn't.
Figgs: Browns.
Nick: Browns. 2-5 heading into the bye? I can live with that.
Bucko: Saints. This was a hard one. I actually had to think about it for quite some time.
Gopo: Browns. I don't think the Saints D is very good, and I think McCoy will find some garbage time points at the end of the game.

FALCONS (-3.5) vs Bengals
Andy: Bengals. What a surprise that Figgs is taking them! (-8.5) is absurd - I can't even tell if that was supposed to be serious. My guess was -4.5. Anyway, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm down with what Bucko is saying here.
Figgs: ATL. I had this at 8.5. The Falcons are a much better team. ($)
Nick: Birds. The Falcons are a much more complete team, and they're a very good home team. Dome, sweet dome. ($)
Bucko: Bengals. The Bengals are coming in healthy, and had some extra time to work on their offense because of the bye last week.
Gopo: Falcons. I'm confused what the line is - the title says (-3.5), but Andy and Nick's comments suggest (-8.5). I have no idea what's going on with this line, but I do know that the Bengals aren't very good. The Falcons should roll easily.

BEARS (-3) vs Redskins
Andy: Redskins. I was really low on Chicago early in the season, then they managed to win a couple, and now I'm back where I started.
Figgs: Skins. I was originally thinking Chicago being at home, but I just can't put any faith in Jay Cutler.
Nick: Skins. A little disappointed I'm not getting more than 3, but the Skins are probably a better team.
Bucko: Redskins. Get an umbrella because it is about TORAIN. I really like how the Skins are playing lately.
Gopo: Bears. I can't put any faith in either of these teams. Both of them are such hit and miss squads, that it's probably just going to come down to some random special teams or defensive play. For no reason other than they are home, I'll take the Bears.

BUCS (-3) vs Rams
Andy: Bucs. Last time the Rams went on the road, they lost by like 70 to Detroit. Yes, they're playing better, but TB can handle shaky teams. And who screwed with all the lines? This one was (-2.5).
Figgs: Rams. The Bucs really aren't good, right?
Nick: Rams. My first instinct was Bucs, but the Rams look like they have a better quarterback, and Steven Jackson is the best player on both sides of the ball. The Bucs are smoke and mirrors.
Bucko: Bucs. Just a guess here. Both of these teams are very unpredictable.
Gopo: Rams. The Rams are sneaky - this team could end up at 0.500 at the end of the year, but it's going to come down to wins against teams like this. Entirely winnable game.

PANTHERS (+3) vs 49ers
Andy: Panthers. I just don't like this 49ers team, and I'm certainly not giving points to take them in the eastern time zone at 1 pm.
Figgs: Niners. I still don't like them at all, but Carolina is looking Bills-bad so far this year.
Nick: Niners. Sigh. You have to go against the Panthers getting under a field goal against anyone, right? ($)
Bucko: 49ers. I still believe in the 49ers, and Carolina has QB issues. Someone please make sure Nick is doing okay with the announcement of the Clausen benching.
Gopo: Panthers. I watched the Raiders-Niners game last week and I still don't know how the Niners won. They really look awful. I'm probably making this pick simply because I haven't watched more than 3 snaps of any Panthers game this year and I have no idea how bad they really are.

RAVENS (-13) vs Buffaloes
Andy: Ravens. Again, I think Bucko is on the money here, except for how he called it "the Buffalo."
Figgs: Ravens. I was going to take them regardless of the line.
Nick: Rats. I'm not totally sold on the Ravens scoring enough to cover this number, but the Bills' D has given up totals of 34, 38, 38, and 36 in their last four games. I'll take my chances.
Bucko: Ravens. The birds are pissed about their OT loss last week, and they'll take it out on the Buffalo.
Gopo: Ravens. No point trying to outsmart myself. I do think the Bills can put up garbage time points with the best of them, but I have a hard time taking them in this game. Though if they were home with the same line, I would have taken the Bills.

TITANS (-3) vs Eagles
Andy: Titans. Same logic as Figgs, different club.
Figgs: Philly. No idea on this one, I've just been rolling with the Eagles lately and it's been working.
Nick: Titans. Serious injuries on both sides of this one, but I think Desean Jackson might be more important to the Eagles offense than VY is to the Titans'. Still, nothing would surprise me here.
Bucko: TIT-ans. This will be a good game, but I'm going with the home team as well.
Gopo: Titans. This is kind of a pick-em as far as I'm concerned. Apparently the oddsmakers feel the same way - I'll go with the home team.

CHIEVES (-9.5) vs Jaguars
Andy: Jaguars. They're bad, but the Chiefs and I aren't at the stage in our relationship where I can give 9.5 to take KC.
Figgs: Jax. I don't know if KC is good enough to give that many to anyone. OK, other then the Bills.
Nick: Chiefs. Todd. Bouman. ($ -9)
Bucko: Jaguars. Jones-Drew gets it going in this one.
Gopo: Jaguars. I believe the Jaguars are a team that does well against mediocre and below average opponents. I believe the Chiefs to be mediocre, regardless of what their record says.

DOLPHINS (+3) vs Steelers
Andy: I'm not picking the Dolphins - I'm taking their opponent, whose name I refuse to type. This is one of those rare instances where I want to be wrong. If they win by 1, I'm going to blow up their stadium on my way home from Eastern PA.
Figgs: Steelers. Unless James Harrison retires.
Nick: Evil. This should be higher. Pittsburgh has the look of an early Super Bowl contender, and the Dolphins' offense is only averaging 17.8 ppg. ($)
Bucko: Steelers. I hate them, but damn they look good.
Gopo: Steelers. I think Silverback is going to have a huge game on Sunday with a couple more monster hits. The retirement statement was an overreaction - Steelers D should be able to shut down Brown/Williams and force Henne to beat them. I don't think Henne can look good playing QB for 4 consecutive quarters.

4 pm kickoff

SEAHAWKS (-5.5) vs Cardinals
Andy: Seahawks. There's no way for me to feel good about having Arizona among my picks, and it's not worth the stress.
Figgs: Cards. Really don't have a reason here.
Nick: Hawks. I continue to go with them at home, against them on the road. ($ -4.5)
Bucko: Seahawks. I'm finally going to pick them this week, but it will probably bite me in the ass.
Gopo: Seahawks. This pick is solely based on the fact that the Seahawks are playing at home.

CHARGERS (-2.5) vs Patriots
Andy: Patriots, though Nick having bet on them gives me pause.
Figgs: Pats. I'm with Allburn big time here. How are the Patriots underdogs? ($)
Nick: Pats. I know that the Bolts have been good at home and lousy on the road, but when you get right down to it their two wins are against Jacksonville and Arizona. They strike me as a classic "crush lousy teams, lose to good teams" type. The Patriots look like a good team, plus Gates and Floyd will probably be out. I'll bite. ($)
Bucko: Patriots. The Chargers are banged up and just an all around mess right now.
Gopo: Patriots. I don't see any way the Chargers win this game. They might be good at home, but like Nick pointed out, the quality of those home wins leaves a lot to be desired. The Patriots are a really solid club this year that wont beat themselves on D and can put up points on O.

BRONCOS (-8) vs Raiders
Andy: Raiders. This line was (-9), but I don't think it'll matter.
Figgs: Broncos. I can't believe I'm giving this many points with a team this bad.
Nick: Broncos. I hate giving 8 with the Donks, but at least they're at home, and have proven they can score points. We might have a Kyle Boller sighting for Oakland this Sunday.
Bucko: Broncos. Knoshow finally steps it up.
Gopo: Broncos. I'm with Nick - lots of points, but they are home and the Raiders O just doesn't look like it knows what the hell is going on.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 pm

PACKERS (-2.5) vs Vikings
Andy: Vikings. Again, I'm extremely nervous about the fact that Nick has money on this game, but I think their confidence is renewed after last week's win and they'll spring the upset.
Figgs: Pack. I feel like this has been an exceptionally hard week.
Nick: Vikes. The Packers are banged up on both sides of the ball, and I think Peterson runs all over them this week. ($)
Bucko: Packers. Sticking with my boy Rodgers.
Gopo: Vikings. I'm not sure you guys know this, but I hate Brett Favre. I hate picking his team to win this game, but the Packers are just hurting too much right now. Really hope I'm wrong about this one.

Monday Night Football, 8:30 pm

COWBOYS (-3) vs Giants
Andy: Giants. What are the Cowpokes even playing for at this point? Want to hear something funny? When I changed their name to "Cowpokes," I then thought it'd be funny to call them "Cowgirls" then even funnier yet, the "Reverse Cowgirls." I think I'm going to call them that from now on. Nick, if the Giants are far more trustworthy, does that mean you're far too trusting?
Figgs: Giants. Couldn't have said it better myself Burns.
Nick: Giants. I'll continue to pick against Dallas until I have a reason not to do so. The Giants seem to have righted their ship after stumbling in a couple of early games. I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas wins this one here, but the Giants are far more trustworthy at this point.
Bucko: Giants. Doggie Style.
Gopo: Giants. The G-men have been coming on strong the last few weeks, and I think they abuse the Cowboys O-line to the point that Romo just starts throwing balls randomly towards his receivers by the 3rd quarter. This is going to be one of those 3 pick games for the Giants D.

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