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NFL Picks: Week 3

Cheap covers hurt some of us late, as St Louis and Detroit notched TD's that weren't any danger to affect the winning team but shifted the gambling outcome nonetheless. Yuck. Plus we have the continued shenaningans with the Browns and Steelers, which are murdering Nick and Andy in the standings. If I haven't been clear about this in the past, I detest the steelers; it's remarkable that they keep finding ways to enhance my distaste for them. But have no fear! We're back for another week of picks.

Last Week
Andy: 9-6-1
Figgs: 7-8-1
Nick: 6-9-1
Bucko: 8-7-1
Gopo: 8-7-1
Nick's Money Picks ($): 1-3
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 1-2

Standings (Through 9/20)
Gopo: 19-10-3
Andy: 17-12-3
Figgs: 15-14-3
Bucko: 15-14-3
Nick: 14-15-3

Nick's Money Picks ($): 3-4-1
Figgs' Money Picks ($): 3-3-1

Sunday games
1 pm kickoff

RAVENS (-11) vs Browns
Andy: CAFÉS. I wish there was a way I could put this in more capital letters instead of just conventional all-caps. Also, I was in México this week, so all picks are in español. Bucko, you're one anti-Browns pick away from being disowned.
Figgs: Browns.
Nick: Browns. We're going to beat the spread one of these weeks. Are we convinced the Ravens are that good on offense?
Bucko: Ravens. Their Defense is still great, and I believe this is the week their offense will start rolling.
Gopo: Ravens. I would *love* to be wrong here, and I hate giving that many points to an inept offense, but I just haven't seen anything out of the Browns to believe.

GIANTS (-3) vs Titans
Andy: Short on time here, as I have to go to the Den of the Enemy that lies by the Three Rivers, so I'm mailing this one in. Gigantes.
Figgs: Titans.
Nick: Titans. Giants were my first instinct, but I don't want to overreact to bad performance on offense against the PGH defense like I did last week. Gimme the points.
Bucko: Giants. The Titans got to show me something more before I take them in a situation like this.
Gopo: Titans. Think Johnson get's his groove back this week

BUCS (+2.5) vs Steelers
Andy: Acereros. Co-sign on Nick's comment.
Figgs: Steelers. ($)
Nick: Steelers. People are finally starting to realize that the most indispensable player on this club is Troy Polamalu, not Big Rapist. ($)
Bucko: Steelers. The Bucs should be getting more points in this one.
Gopo: Steelers. Also can't believe this is so low - Steelers should win this one outright.

PANTHERS (+3) vs Bengals
Andy: Tigres de Bengal. Co-sign on Bucko's comment.
Figgs: Bengals. ($)
Nick: Bengals. Carolina looks like one of the league's worst, although I think Claussen's going to be good.
Bucko: Bengals. There goes Nick again with his love affair for Claussen.
Gopo: Bengals. Not enough points for me to take Claussen - this is basically a pick with a homefield +3 thrown in there.

TEXANS (-3) vs Cowboys
Andy: Tejanos.
Figgs: Cowboys.
Nick: How is this only three? The Texans look solid and can score with anyone, and the Cowboys just laid an egg at home to a mediocre Bears team. Go hard against the Boys until Vegas adjusts. ($)
Bucko: Texans. They look for real.
Gopo: Texans. Agree with Nick - don't understand why this is so low.

CHIEVES (+3) vs 49ers
Andy: Jefes. I wouldn't trust Mike Singletary to park my car after that weird TV interview.
Figgs: Niners.
Nick: Niners. Can't see the Chiefs moving the ball, but don't have enough faith to pick SF. Singletary's a badass.
Bucko: 49ers. I still believe they are one of the best in the league this year.
Gopo: Niners. SF isn't very good, but I don't think the Chiefs are either. SF puts just enough together this week.

VIKINGS (-11.5) vs Lions
Andy: Leónes. Is there a decimal place missing in this line?
Figgs: Lions.
Nick: Lions. How are the Vikings giving 11.5 to anyone?
Bucko: Lions. The Viking offense hasn't done anything yet.
Gopo: Lions. I can't wait until the vikings are 1-5 and people are calling for Favre to get pulled.

PATRIOTS (-14.5) vs Buffaloes
Andy: Buffaloes.
Figgs: Pats.
Nick: Pats. The Bills have to prove to me that they can beat one of these big spreads on the road.
Bucko: Pats. The Bills could even be worse than the Browns.
Gopo: Pats. This is such a high line, but after the Bills got owned last week, I'm with Nick - have to prove me wrong first.

SAINTS (-4) vs Falcons
Andy: Santos.
Figgs: Saints.
Nick: Falcons. The Saints have been unimpressive, and I may have undervalued the Falcons after their offense was shut down in Pittsburgh. It turns out that Pgh's defense is just vicious.
Bucko: Saints. Drew Brees finds a way to get it done.
Gopo: Falcons. I think the Falcons are going to bring it and I'm not sure the Saints have found their groove yet.

4 pm kickoff

RAMS (+4) vs Redskins
Andy: Pieles rojos.
Figgs: Skins.
Nick: Skins. Washington has a good defense and I think this could be a week when Bradford struggles.
Bucko: Redskins. The old guys (McNabb & Portis) get it done.
Gopo: Redskins. If this was 6 or 7 I'd consider the Rams.

JAGS (+3) vs Eagles
Andy: Águilas.
Figgs: Eagles.
Nick: Eagles. I'm solidly on the Vick bandwagon - at least against lousy opponents.
Bucko: Eagles. Jones-Drew has to get going before I can pick them.
Gopo: Eagles. I thought the Jaguars would be getting more points here.

CARDINALS (-4) vs Raiders
Andy: Raiders. Nick, not only that, but he starts.
Figgs: Raiders.
Nick: Raiders. Derek Anderson plays quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.
Bucko: Raiders.
Gopo: Raiders. The Cardinals are awful. I also like Nick's analysis.

SEAHAWKS (+5.5) vs Chargers
Andy: Halcónes del mar.
Figgs: Chargers.
Nick: Chargers. San Diego seems to be good at covering against weak opponents.
Bucko: Seahawks. I don't have a reason just a feeling I have.
Gopo: Chargers. Home is definitely an advantage for the Seahawks, but I think the Chargers keep rolling here.

BRONCOS (+5.5) vs Colts
Andy: Caballos.
Figgs: Colts.
Nick: Colts. Just not enough points with Moreno out. Learning from picking against Indy last week.
Bucko: Colts. Knowshon is out and Peyton is Da' Man
Gopo: Colts. Not enough points for me to take the Broncos.

Sunday Night Football, 8 pm

DOLPHINS (-2) vs Jets
Andy: Delfines.
Figgs: Jets. ($)
Nick: Fish. The one week I'm playing Brandon Marshall in fantasy and he doesn't have to visit Revis Island? Whatever. Cobra Kai never dies.
Bucko: Dolphins. You're an idiot Braylon
Gopo: Dolphins. I don't know how the Jets beat the pats last week, but no way Sanchez puts two decent games together.

Monday Night Football, 8 pm

BEARS (+3) vs Packers
Andy: Empacadores.
Figgs: Packers.
Nick: Pack. Everybody respects Green Bay, but their lines seem like they've all been off by a field goal. ($)
Bucko: Packers! You can't stop Rodgers.
Gopo: Packers. The GB offense is going to be hard to contain.

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